Day: February 9, 2021

Nanobiotechnology & Nanocoating technology applications

nanocoating technology applications

What is Nano-coating? Nano-coating is a process of depositing a film of about 100 nm on a substrate to improve certain properties or impart new functions. Nano coating is a coating created by the procedure of some constituents at the nanoscale to attain desired properties. Nanocoatings are characterized as nanocrystalline, multilayer coatings with a separate …

How cryopreservation is done? | Mechanism

How cryopreservation is done?

What is Cryopreservation? Cryopreservation meaning: Cryo is derived from the Greek word which means frost. Cryopreservation generally means preservation in a “frozen state.” Cryopreservation is a procedure that is used to store many organelles, extracellular matrix, tissues, organs, or cells at a very low temperature of about -196⁰C to prevent it to damage by the …

what does hematology test for?

what does hematology test for

Hematology tests consist of tests on the blood, blood proteins, and blood-producing organs. These tests can evaluate a range of blood conditions which include infection, anemia, inflammation, hemophilia, blood-clotting disorders, leukemia, and the response of the body to chemotherapy treatments. Here we are going to discuss what does hematology test for and the types of hematology tests. What …