Best cell phone insurance plans 2021

How to Choose the Best Insurance for Your Phone

Although phone insurance and extended protection plans can be expensive, they are worth the cost if your phone is stolen, lost, or damaged. The iPhone 12. There are many protection plans available, but it can be difficult to choose the right one. Extended warranty plans do not cover repairs for mechanical failures. Some plans also cover accidental damage, but not theft or loss. Different types of coverage have different prices. Here you’ll find the Best cell phone insurance plans 2021

Best cell phone insurance plans 2021

Which plan is right for you? A full-coverage plan is best for you or your child if they are forgetful, accident-prone, or have memory problems. You may also have sufficient coverage through your credit card company, or the homeowner.


Phone insurance is offered by many large electronics retailers. This covers accidental and malfunctioning damage, but not theft or loss. Geek Squad Complete Protection, which costs $10.99, can be purchased for loss or theft.

Normally, there is no deductible on claims not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Unless the device has to be replaced. There is a $199 service fee for replacement depending on the retail value of your phone. You can only make three claims in a 12-month period. The Geek Squad Protection (Basic and Complete) must be purchased online within 60 days after purchasing your phone in-store. Itel 2160 price is reasonable compared to similarly featured models. It is easy to find new and refurbished Samsung a12 prices in Nigeria by visiting genuine and authorized sites.\


Both Apple and Samsung offer insurance plans for smartphones – AppleCare+ or Samsung Care+. Basic insurance covers screen repairs and accidental damage for as low as $29. This is a great deal considering that repairs to screens on new iPhones and Galaxy models can run into hundreds of dollars without insurance. Other repairs will require a deductible. This is usually less than $100.

Samsung Care is available for $3.99 to $12.99 per monthly, depending on which device you have. The cost of the device replacement fee is between $149 and $499.

AppleCare+ is $79 for an iPhone SE, $149 for an iPhone XR 11, 12, and 12 mini, and $199 per year for the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. You can also upgrade to AppleCare+ Plus with Theft & Loss for an additional $70. The iPhone replacement fee is $149.

Apple and Samsung both cover three claims over a 12-month rolling period. iPhone owners must enroll within 60 days after purchase. Samsung phone owners can enroll for a full year.


SquareTrade provides two-year coverage for electrical and mechanical failures, as well as accidental damage. They also offer a $149 deductible on every smartphone claim. SquareTrade offers in-home repairs for $25, if available. SquareTrade will also reimburse iPhone owners who bring their devices to any Apple store.

Best cell phone insurance 2021

Worth Ave. Group

Worth Ave. Group offers insurance that covers your cell phone in case of accidental damage, such as drops or spills, as well as theft and flood. All coverage depends on how much you want it to cover.  SquareTrade also allows you to purchase insurance at any time, provided you have proof of purchase. Worth Ave. Group offers unlimited claims.


AT&T’s Mobile Insurance provides coverage for accidental damage or out-of-warranty malfunction on your phone at $8.99 per month. To enroll, you will need to purchase coverage within 30 days of your phone activation (AT&T offers open enrollment from now through 3/1/2021). You will need to pay a $25-299 deductible when you file a claim. The full list of deductibles can be found here. The screen repair deductible is $49. There are two possible claims per 12-month, with a maximum of $2,500 per claim.

Sprint Complete provides full coverage for $9-$19 per monthly. It covers loss, theft, and accidental damage as well as mechanical or electrical breakdown. To enroll, you will need to purchase coverage within 30 days of activation. If your 30-day window is closed, check for open enrollment dates. For each claim, you will need to pay a $25-$140 deductible for repairs. (See the complete list of fees and deductibles). Screen repairs cost $29. Replacement fees for devices range from $50 to $275. There are three claims you can make per year, with a maximum of $2,000 per claim.

T-Mobile Protection!

T-Mobile’s Protection 360> provides full coverage for loss, theft, accidental damages, and mechanical or electric breakdown-for $7-$18 per month. Each claim is subject to a $20-$99 non-refundable deductible, depending on the device. Screen repairs cost $29 for iPhones (the first 2 repairs) and $99 on all other devices. Device replacement fees are between $10 and $499. Each year, you can file three claims with a maximum of $1500 per claim. If you have not purchased protection or upgraded from T-Mobile, or another authorized channel of T-Mobile, you will need to buy it within 30 days.

Credit cards offer coverage for your phone in two ways. The first is that most major credit cards offer a one-year warranty on your phone. This warranty varies from card to card. Many cards also provide protection against theft and damage for the first 90 days following purchase.

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