Service of Logo Design in Vancouver

A logo is not a brand. But it is the cornerstone of the Branding strategy. The design of a logo is part of the branding of any company. It is the way that companies use to represent their brand, and a brand is already a more holistic dimension of how its customers experience a product or service and make it their own. While a logo design Vancouver is the first brick, it is not a simple task. Quite the opposite.


A logo is perhaps the starting point of the creation of any company. Every startup starts with an idea, a name, and a logo. Those 3 elements are the cornerstone of any project, service, brand, product or app. And its design must summarize all the philosophy, culture and value of what you want to be; In addition, it has to be easily recognizable, scalable, unique, current and useful for years to come. The objective to be achieved is for the client to quickly identify that image with the business to which it belongs.

Professional logo design Vancouver can become the best way to get the most out of a brand. In addition, it is possible to get professional advice that is highly recommended for those entrepreneurs who need help to start in the business world. We create logos for various products, applications and services. We help you find the best name for your business thanks to our brand plan.


A professional will always have to know your business activity and your potential clientele before starting their design. Among the services offered we could mention the following:

Original and customer-specific logo design.

Possibility of perfecting the result on an unlimited number of occasions until the final approval of the design.

Delivery of the vector logo in various formats that adjust to the different formats of printing or online use.

Total transfer of image and copyright rights to the logo.

Manual or Brand Book to get the most out of your brand. It includes a detailed explanation of the characteristics of the brand. The details of the geometric construction of the logo elements are accompanied by the choice of corporate colors and typography. It ends with an analysis of the best uses of the logo and its components.

Guarantee of conformity with the service provided


The following steps are the best ones to achieve success while creating a logo design Vancouver:

  • Sending a briefing in which the most outstanding characteristics of the business are explained. The higher the specification, the greater the chances of creating a perfect design.
  • Delivery, in virtual format, of the first projects. From this step the real communication between both parties begins. It is important both to trust the work of the professional and the opinion of the client.
  • Download the logo in all kinds of formats for professional use. Usually delivered in GIF, PDF, AI (editable vector file), EPS (ditto), PNG, JPG, SVG (two-dimensional graphics), FAVICON (web page icon) and also in specific formats requested by each client .
  • Obtaining an invoice that can be presented as an expense in the corresponding quarterly statement.
  • Details of the after-sales service that usually has a variable duration.
  • The creation of a brand manual or style guide is an option that complements the service and is usually negotiated separately based on the needs of each client.



We explore creative concepts beyond a logo. The objective is to build a brand personality (values, culture, theme, etc.) that is unique, faithful to the product and recognizable to its target.


It seeks to create the messages, copies, graphics and composition elements necessary to position a company or brand with its principles, values and corporate beliefs to its target audience.


It is the first brick of Branding. We design logos, imagotypes, isologos, isotypes from a technical and strategic point of view, always thinking about the universe of its different applications, positioning and growth.


Do you already have a logo? But do you want to give it a spin to change or modernize it? Whether you have grown or the guidelines in your business or market have changed, we can refresh your corporate identity while maintaining the current name of your brand. We propose design alternatives so that between client and agency we can find the best logo redesign that adapts to your new phase.


Do you already have a logo? But do you need to expand and better define the essential aspects of your logo? Brand design designs corporate identity manuals expanding the resources that your brand needs to position beyond your logo. We create the guidelines and guidelines for your entire team to faithfully maintain and safeguard your branding.


Do you already have an idea for your logo? But can’t you find a graphic designer to illustrate and vectorize your sketch? We at Brandesign have a team of creatives who will enhance your idea and turn it into a solid and attractive brand strategy.

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We are in the Digital Era of Design, but not all designs are capable of persuading, motivating and stimulating your clients. At LiderLogo we have the ability to create the design that will cause admiration for your brand. Discover what we can do for you.


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Trust the design of your image in our professional hands. We empathize with your needs for the design of company logos, the branding of your personal brand or your business. We are the solution to your problems.