Day: February 2, 2021

What is the mechanism of nutrient uptake

nutrient uptake mechanism of industrially important microorganism

Plants and microorganisms have to uptake its nutrient to perform their metabolic activities. There are numerous nutrient uptakes mechanisms that occurred in both plants and microorganisms. The mechanism of nutrient uptake in industrially important microorganisms are active transport, passive transport, iron uptake, passive diffusion, facilitated diffusion, and group translocation. The mechanism of Nutrient Uptake Nutrient …

Role of microbial genomics in Industrial biotechnology

Role of microbial genomics in Industrial biotechnology

Microbial genomics is actually a study of genomics where we could study the genome of organisms. It is also helping us to better understand the extensive biology of bacteria. And also help us to understand how their genetic composition contributes to their tangible characteristics. The study of genomics is also important to conclude the evolution of bacteria. …