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Do you suffer from QuickBooks Error 15106 when updating the payroll or software itself? We’re positive that going through this post for once will help you eliminate this error permanently from your system.

The Error Code 15106 indicates a corruption in the update program and when this error appears, the system crashes frequently and prevents users from updating the payroll.

In this informative post, we’ve covered the underlying reasons contributing to the QuickBooks 15106 error and the best remedies for this elusive error. So, let’s begin.

What Factors Lead To QuickBooks 15106 Error?

This troublesome error usually emerges due to network-related issues, however, there are some important factors that lead to QuickBooks Error 15106 emergence including:

  • Updating QuickBooks payroll or software without having access to administrative rights.
  • The Windows Defender or your Antivirus misidentifying QuickBooks as a risk.
  • The User Account Control settings in the system are set up very restrictively.
  • When your QuickBooks Installation files get corrupt due to unknown reasons.
  • Outdated updates of Windows on your PC.
  • Damaged QuickBooks Updates.

How to Effectively Fix QuickBooks Error Code 15106?

Once the reason behind the QuickBooks 15106 error is discovered, users can easily avoid the reappearance of this inconvenient error. Furthermore, fix this error by following the given solutions in a sequential way.

Solution 1: Stop UAC 

UAC signifies “User-Account Control” that defends the system from any potential threat. However, a high setting on the UAC leads to QuickBooks Error 15106 to generate. Hence, disable the UAC by:

  • Holding the “Windows + R” key simultaneously.
  • Then, input “Control Panel”.
  • Next, press “Enter” and choose “User-Account Control”.
  • Now, tap “UAC-Settings”.
  • Finally, perform “Never-Notify” by moving the slider.
Solution 2: Granting Admin Rights To QuickBooks

Admin rights are necessary for making vital configurations such as QuickBooks payroll and updates. 

Hence, by granting administrative rights to QuickBooks, users can remedy the QuickBooks 15106 error. Follow these:

  • First, launch “Control-Panel”.
  • Next, select “User-Accounts”.
  • Then, re-tap “User-Accounts”.
  • Now, choose “Admin” for account type.
  • Next, browse to “Desktop” and single tap “QuickBooks.exe”.
  • Finally, right-tap the icon and “Run as Admin”.

Now, go ahead with updating the QuickBooks payroll or software and you’ll not receive the QB 15106 error code. If so, then you’ll need to reset QB Updates. Follow next.

Solution 3: Reset QuickBooks Updates

If your QuickBooks updates are flawed, it will cause the QuickBooks Update Error 15106 on your system. Therefore, users must reset the previous QuickBooks update and perform a new one. Here’s how:

  • First, Run “QuickBooks-Desktop” and tap the item “Help”.
  • Next, “Update-QuickBooks” and select “Options”. 
  • Then, “Mark-All” and hit “Save”.
  • Finally, tap “Reset-Updates” and continue with “Get-Updates”.
Solution 4: Rename QB Update Folder After You Disable The Antivirus

At times, the update folder of QuickBooks software can become corrupt due to a virus or technical glitch. However, renaming the update folder after disabling your antivirus will rectify this fault. Perform these:

  • Visit “Task-Manager” by pressing “Ctrl” “Shift” and “Esc” together.
  • Click “Processes” and tap on your antivirus.
  • Disable it by clicking “End-Task”.

Now, proceed to rename the QB Update folder. Follow these:

  • Launch “My-Computer”.
  • Access “C: drive”.
  • Open the below-mentioned folders respectively:
  • 1)“Program-Files”, 2)“Intuit”, 3)“QuickBooks (Year)”, 4)“Components-Folder”.
  • Select “DownloadQB21 or 20” as appropriate.
  • Press “F2” to rename and add “old”.

After the renaming procedure of the QuickBooks update folder gets complete, the error will disappear. If not, perform QuickBooks Clean Install tool.

Solution 5: Clean Install The QuickBooks Through Selective Startup 

If the QuickBooks installation is faulty, it will cause problems in QuickBooks operating. Hence, causing the QuickBooks Error 15106 issue. Therefore, clean install your QuickBooks using selective startup by:

  • Back up your valuable data files.
  • Terminate any active applications.
  • Hold “Windows + R”.
  • Input “MSConfig” and “Enter”.
  • Choose “General” and “Selective-Startup”.  
  • Click “Discover-Services”.
  • Tap “Hide MS-Services” and “Disable All”.
  • Select “Windows-Installer” and reboot the system.

Now, reinstall QuickBooks on your system appropriately and thereafter, return in “Normal-Mode” by following:

  • Press “Win + R”.
  • Type “MSConfig”.
  • Hit “Enter”.
  • Tap “General”.
  • Select “Normal-Startup”.
  • Hit “Ok” and do a fresh reboot.

Upon performing the clean installation of the QuickBooks Desktop, the system will be free from any QuickBooks-related issues or errors.

Solution 6: Access QuickBooks Tool Hub

Intuit introduced the QuickBooks Tool Hub for solving multiple issues and errors without the need of downloading additional tools.

One of the tools within the QuickBooks Tool-Hub is QuickFix My Program The Tool Hub consists of multiple tools and one such tool is “QuickFix My Program” that can fix the QuickBooks Error 15106 permanently. Here’s how:

  • Download “QuickBooks Tool-Hub” via Intuit site.
  • Launch it perform its onscreen instructions.
  • After performing the installation launch the “Tool-Hub”.
  • Select “Program-Issues” and thereafter, execute “QuickFix My-Program”.
Solution 7: Windows Update

An outdated Windows OS attracts malware and viruses on the system that contributes to QuickBooks 15106 Error. Hence, update your Windows by these steps:

  • Launch “Control Panel”
  • Visit “Windows Update”.
  • Tap “Check-Updates”.
  • Install any found updates.

After installing Windows Updates, initiate a reboot and look for the QuickBooks Error Code 15106.

Final Words

By applying the solutions offered to you, the QuickBooks 15106 error code will be repaired in a flash. Furthermore, with the help of mentioned causes of this error, users can avoid any chances of this error reappearance.

Why to solve QuickBooks Error 15106

Resolving QuickBooks Error 15106 is essential for several reasons to ensure the smooth functioning of your QuickBooks accounting software. Here’s why it’s important to address this error promptly:

Uninterrupted Software Updates:

  • QuickBooks regularly releases updates to enhance features, improve security, and fix bugs. Resolving Error 15106 allows you to continue receiving these updates, ensuring your software is up-to-date with the latest improvements and compliance requirements.

Access to New Features and Enhancements:

  • Software updates often come with new features and enhancements that can streamline your accounting processes, increase efficiency, and provide a better user experience. Fixing Error 15106 ensures you can take advantage of these improvements.

Security Fixes:

  • Updates may include crucial security patches that protect your financial data from potential vulnerabilities. Ignoring Error 15106 may leave your QuickBooks software exposed to security risks, putting your sensitive information at potential risk.

Compatibility with Other Software:

  • QuickBooks updates are designed to maintain compatibility with other applications and systems. If you don’t resolve Error 15106, you may encounter issues with integration, data transfer, or collaboration with other software, leading to operational inefficiencies.

Prevention of Data Corruption:

  • Errors in the update process can sometimes lead to data corruption or loss. Resolving Error 15106 reduces the risk of data-related issues, ensuring the integrity of your financial records and preventing potential disruptions in your business operations.

Improved Software Performance:

  • Updates often include performance optimizations and bug fixes that contribute to the overall stability and functionality of QuickBooks. Addressing Error 15106 allows you to enjoy a smoother and more reliable performance of the software.

Compliance with Regulations:

  • Some updates may include changes to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Staying up-to-date through resolving Error 15106 helps you adhere to the latest financial regulations and avoid potential legal issues.

Better Support from QuickBooks:

  • If you encounter any issues or need assistance from QuickBooks support, having an updated software version allows you to receive more effective support. QuickBooks is more likely to provide assistance for users running the latest versions of their software.

In summary, resolving QuickBooks Error 15106 is crucial for maintaining the functionality, security, and efficiency of your accounting software. Regular updates not only keep your QuickBooks version current but also ensure that you benefit from the latest features and safeguards to support your financial management needs. See Also How to fix QuickBooks errors 6190 and 816

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