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10 Exceptional Side Hustle Ideas to Make Extra Money – Latest 2024

Earning extra money is what everyone wants. And why would anyone consider it bad?
Does not it make people a bit happy and relaxed to know they have extra money apart from their office salary? Because the truth is, in this era of dearness – it is getting hard for people to make both ends meet.

What about those who had big dreams? Dream to study abroad, to travel around the globe, to have health care services for parents from the best hospitals, and so on. That is when making money on the side comes to aid as a savior of the day.

What Is Earning Money On The Side?

You can earn extra money on the side by working outside your normal 9 to 5 job. By getting more money on your hand, you have an option to spend it on what you want. It can also fulfill your desires and help in lowering your financial troubles.

Ironically salaries of 9 to 5 jobs often are not able to pay the hefty bills.
Especially when you are a fresher, who recently got a job. Calculating all the costs; including food, rent, bills, medical, transportation, and other expenses can be too much to have something left in the end for yourself.

It is better to start focusing on a side hustle to get a good amount on your hand rather than missing out on your favorites. There are a hundred strategies that will supplement your need to earn a respectable amount. Considering the skills you may possess and according to your needs, we have listed down 10 of the most profitable side money-making ideas.

How to Make Extra Money on the Side – 10 Easy Ways

Whether you are thinking to start your part-time gig, or you want to run a business from home – here are some best yet easy ways to help you make extra money.


Start working as a freelancer. You can earn a good amount of extra money by working whenever you want. A freelancer is someone who gets paid on every task or per job basis. It is on you, if you have good graphic skills – you can work as a graphic designer. You can also work as a logo designer.

A person has tons of options to begin as a freelancer. You can even provide a CV writing service London to graduates, undergraduates, or students at MPhil or Ph.D. levels. See Also Top Freelancing websites in the world 2023

Top 10 Freelancing websites


Everyone can not give advice easily. If you have a vast knowledge of business, and you can discuss assisting startups to get going – then you know what to do?! You can give online consultations by preparing your schedule and offering your services to those in need.

Top 10 Freelancing websites

Take surveys

You can start taking surveys on sites such as MyPoints, Vindale Research, and so on where you will get extra money only for taking surveys. You have to give your opinions on it. But these survey sites look for people with some specific qualities. It may get hard for you to get selected as the qualities are too specific. Also, you need to have a particular number of surveys to get the extra money.


One of the finest side hustle employment ideas is dropshipping. It lets you sell stuff to a client directly without having to purchase stock. The manufacturer not only keeps the inventory on hand but also sends it straight to the client on your behalf. Marketing and sales service should be your major priorities. This is the side hustle for you if you have solid marketing experience and want to perform your capabilities.

Manage social media accounts

One of the best things you can do is manage the social media account of small businesses.
These small business owners do not have enough time to look for the orders, write down captions, upload pictures, pack the order and make the shipment. They are out there in need of helpers who can maintain and manage their social media accounts for them.

Rent out your home

You can rent out your home on Airbnb. Check out the market for a good survey and know the rates people are paying to get a perfect resting place. You can do the same – and give a room or portion of your home to renters on Airbnb. It will get you a handful of extra money.

Start with your blog

You can start a blog on any niche that you like. You can write about the best places around the world or the best foods you have tried in a particular area. Although, it will take some time to drive traffic to your blog; we will suggest you start right away. You can get a good income by posting blogs on your website.

Provide writing services

People who are fond of playing with words can do this job in the best way. You can write on anything. It must be catchy and impressive – expressing your ideas to the fullest. You can write articles, blogs, or you can even work on assignments of students using your writing power or can even generate content for professional documents. You can revamp LinkedIn profiles of professionals by providing LinkedIn writing services UK. It is totally on you how you utilize your writing magic to the fullest.

Arts and craft

Talented individuals with a high taste in arts and crafts can sell attractive hand-made bags, jewelry, or furniture. During the times of COVID-19, people can see a massive rise in entrepreneurs who sell hand-made stuff. It can be anything including; resin trays or clocks, macramé wall hangings, polymer clay jewelry, or much more.


If you know how to operate the camera well and you can take the best pictures for sure. Then this is what you are looking for! Grab a camera with a high-quality lens and start focusing on some specific areas like taking pictures at your friend’s wedding, pictures of landscapes, and so on. The best part is, you can also sell these pictures on Shutterstock to squeeze extra money.

Trying to make extra money during these crucial times has become a necessity for almost everyone. People love to see their needs getting fulfilled and that too from their own extra money. So, that is why we have written this article that will help you to make thousands of dollars from your side hustle job.

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