5 types of web conferencing For Businesses

When It comes to the many methods of online audio-visual communication, there are a lot of seemingly not changeable terms used. Before COVID, companies used to conduct team conferences in their offices. There were large meeting rooms available in the office. The team leader would supervise meetings and talk about the new product. However, during the pandemic, every business started conducting virtual conferencing to promote their business. Web conferencing is one of the most effective audio and video communication that businesses use to talk to each other.

What is Web Conferencing?

It is a kind of online meeting that is used to communicate with other clients with the help of the internet that are not available at your location. It is an online service by which you can hold live meetings, conferences, and training programs that are connected with the help of TCP/IP connections. VoIP plays an important role in connecting these calls to callers and receivers. In business organizations employees can do business conference calls with international clients.

Technology Behind Virtual Conferencing

At an earlier age, users could only send text messages via an internet connection. However, with the increase of new technologies in our daily life. Companies started getting more successful using these technologies. These days, virtual conferencing requires WebRTC technology. This is an open-source technology that provides real-time communication (RTC) to users. It is supported in every browser and mobile application.

Why Use Virtual Conferencing?

Remote Meetings

Remote workers can easily do virtual meetings with the help of the internet. Internet conferencing allows users to do face-to-face meetings with anyone via the internet.

Balancing Busy Schedules

Even the teams are In the same location. These kinds of meetings can gather every employee at one location.

Virtual Conference Room

Virtual meetings can help the employee to share screen and share documents and built-in whiteboard function to explain conferences

Easy Mobile Access

Virtual conferencing can be done via mobile applications as well.

Save on Travel cost

Companies can easily save the extra cost and they can avoid using those rental boardrooms

Types of Internet Conferencing for Businesses

Sometimes, it becomes important to see the facial expression of the person with whom ur speaking instead of what the other person saying. Just like to review the product you have to use it first. Internet meeting has made work easier for employees and customers. These calls can easily improve business for any organization. Here are some types of virtual conferencing that are used by businesses.


It is known as the seminar that is conducted online is called a webinar. On this on one hand there is a presentation hosted by the admin or host. On the other hand, some visitors are available to see the presentations. To be honest, organizing these kinds of seminars is very easy to conduct because the admin just needs to send the link of the meeting to every employee and then they can easily enjoy the seminar.


Companies can effortlessly broadcast conference videos on the webcast to analyze the data. It is just like watching a live TV broadcast of soccer matches and live news broadcast. There is no interaction between the presenters and the participants in this format. Many companies are using this kind of meeting to view stock market details and another live broadcast channel.

Web Meeting

It is one of the most common methods of internet conferencing in offices. Your boss can easily conduct a meeting on the web with this. The business conference call can be easily conducted without any extra cost. These calls can be simply recorded for security purposes. Many companies are conducting web meetings with international clients to improve their business. Since the pandemic, some employees are working remotely from their houses because of the COVID. Therefore, every employee is connected to them via web meetings and working as a single unit.

Online Collaborations

It is a multi-purpose kind of meeting that can perform multiple tasks at the same time.  Companies can easily conduct audio and video conferences and you can also add live videos to make them more functional. Businesses can easily manage to share files and communicate with international clients.

Online presentation

Companies can perform online presentations during web conferencing. Participants can stream their presentations during calls with employees.  Companies can perform all the activities of any type during internet conferencing as well as sharing audio and video files. Editing and modifying documents and files and discussing the viewpoints. It is one of the best tools available for communicating between employees.





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