Why Animation Video marketing is important in 2024

What do you expect in modern advertising? Most probably, animation video marketing is the best answer to this question. In this year 2023, if you have not initialized the strategy of using animation video in your marketing campaigns then you are missing something very much powerful and you must think about it.

Animation videos are fun and entertaining to watch. They are having very powerful information about your brand and it prioritizes customer’s understanding first.

People find animation entertaining and instead of reading long text and graphics, people use to prefer explainer videos especially, animated videos to make them feel engaging with the content.

Here are some reasons that can convince you of the rise of animation videos in marketing.

Why animation video marketing is important 2022

Why to make Animation Video for Marketing?

Helps to make your brand audible

When you post an animated video, you are posting your brand’s story through it and it makes your audience click CTA and make them do the action you need through them. An explainer animated video can add a spice of fun and entertainment which values your brand and engage your audience in a very interactive manner. Animation can bring a very funny way about your brand to which understanding each and every idea about your brand becomes very easy.

Increases conversion rates

The thing is, customers, think about what they see and hear. Ultimately, when you make the world see the content you want them to have an impact on then they will not only see your brand but it will make them feel audible of your brand. When you add something impactful like a song, slogan, or Moto it will be more accessible to your audience to grab. In the year 2023, marketers prefer to use animated videos and spokesperson to explain or narrate products or services.

It develops more interest

In the year 2021, the animation market is the biggest market in the world. It is effective as it educates and conveys emotions. Animators use a strategy through which they can paint an image on your customer’s mind through illustrated videos and graphical emoticons. Not only it turns the customers to click on the link you provided but also build trust in their mind about your brand. You need to keep remember one thing that if your brand is trusted and genuine, then your audience will definitely give a try to do a purchase.

Not only kids, adults too love cartoons and they love to see animated videos while they scroll through their phones. That is why marketers have predicted that animated videos will be on the top of all strategies in 2023

Animated explainer videos

Explainer videos are commonly used to describe a product or service simply and creatively. Animated videos are bridges between different industries from the financial sector; real estate to digital marketing, health care, etc.

2D and 3D animated videos

Animated videos have become extremely famous in 2021 too. They are used for maintaining services at the company level.

The mix of animation and live-motion

Live motion videos include more animated characters and a fun environment. It makes the video more great and amazing. It allows the imagination to fly high and institute a brand its concept in the most stunning context.

Whiteboard marketing videos

Whiteboard animation trend is expected to be popular in 2021 because they are totally cheaper to produce than full 3D animated videos. A whiteboard animated video looks like a process of hand drawing storyline. It explains the subject and portrays the concept in hand-drawn illustrations through steps.

5 Best Animation Video maker 2023

Why People make animated marketing videos for business?

  • Firstly, More than 50% of marketers have said that videos helped them to gain engagement and build trust in their customers.
  • Secondly, The total expenditure will be approximately 9% between 2020 and 2025.
  • Thirdly, According to Hubspot, 81% of businesses use video marketing as their marketing tool.
  • 6 out of 10 people prefer to watch online videos rather than television.
  • According to research, a website is 53% likely to appear on the top of the search results if it contains video as content.

Why Content Marketing Animation video is important?

Why Video marketing is important? Video content is very much helpful in marketing especially when it is animated. People prefer to watch animated content. As we discussed above as they are very much effective in making awareness about your brand. When you think about which type of animation you should use whether it is 2D animation, 3D animation, or whiteboard animation, you first need to focus upon what your ultimate goal is. Try to choose animation as per your requirement.

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