Best SEO Job Interview Questions to ask – Latest 2024

The SEO sector has the most sought-after jobs. The reason is it remains in demand forever. All businesses require an optimized website. Indeed, it helps their company flourish and attract more leads.  Do you know every marketer wants to improve their online presence? So, utilizing your time in building SEO skills will not go to waste. Next comes how to prepare yourself for SEO jobs. In this article, you’ll get Best SEO Job Interview Questions to ask

Also, hiring SEO employees to build an in-house SEO team will be worth the investment. Furthermore, recruiters must know what could be the possible interview questions. It will help in sorting out the best candidates.

You can hire SEO positions like 

  • SEO specialists
  • SEO analysts
  • Copywriters
  • SEO marketing executives
  • SEO Google Analytics
  • SEO-based content writers

Another option is to hire freelancers to perform SEO tasks. You can use SEO interview questions to evaluate whether the prospect has any talent or is a newbie. 

Why to Ask SEO Job Interview Questions?

Asking questions during an SEO interview is important for several reasons:

  1. Demonstrating Interest: It shows your enthusiasm for the position and the field. Employers appreciate candidates who are genuinely interested in the work.
  2. Understanding Expectations: It helps you gain a clear understanding of what the job entails, including tasks, responsibilities, and goals.
  3. Assessing Fit: It allows you to evaluate whether the company’s SEO approach aligns with your skills and career objectives.
  4. Learning Opportunities: It presents a chance to learn from experienced professionals, understand their strategies, and explore their past successes.
  5. Demonstrating Knowledge: Asking relevant questions demonstrates your knowledge of SEO concepts, which can set you apart from other candidates.
  6. Clarifying Doubts: If you have any uncertainties about the role or the company, asking questions can provide clarity and help you make informed decisions.
  7. Establishing Rapport: Engaging in a discussion through questions can help establish a connection with the interviewer and create a positive impression.

In summary, asking questions is a vital part of the interview process. It’s an opportunity to not only learn about the position but also to showcase your genuine interest in the role and the field of SEO.

Best SEO Job Interview Questions to ask

Let’s see what are the all-time best SEO questions

Basic Seo

What is SEO? It will include a basic introduction to SEO.

What is an abbreviation of SEO? The contender will tell the meaning of each word and its relevance.

What is a Search Engine?

What are the most popular search engines?

Which ones are the top social media platforms?

What is the difference between SEO and other digital marketing techniques? Applicants can tell about how SEO operates differently than other digital marketing methods. For example, SEO is completely pull marketing. Likewise, digital marketing techniques may work on both principles of pull or push marketing.

What are the most important ranking factors?

How SEO proves to be a boon for any business? It may include the benefits of SEO for online marketing.

Medium Seo

Why is Google SEO important?

What is the difference between paid and organic results?

What are the different types of optimization? It will include the basics types of optimization like on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and technical optimization.

What is the role of content in SEO?

Why does off-page optimization matter more than on-page optimization? Search engines consider off-page optimization 75% of the complete SEO.

What is the importance of technical SEO? The relevance of technical optimization.

How can you perform off-page optimization? Job aspirants may tell what the latest techniques required for off-page SEO are.

10 simple ways to rank your website 2021

What is white-hat SEO? The genuine SEO methods that Google or search engines approve.

Advance Seo

What are core web vitals? The definition of core web vitals and the latest values. 

What is search engine autocomplete?

What are the factors involved in black-hat SEO? Job-seekers can enlist the black hat SEO techniques.

What are web crawlers?

How can you detect black hat SEO? For example, spun content, repeated anchor text in the same article, keyword stuffing, mentioning website links in authority website comments, etc.

What is a domain?

How can you perform an SEO audit? Applicants can tell about the best SEO tools to monitor website SEO.

What is www?

Why is SEO audit important? This question will cover the importance of verifying the loopholes and strengths of website SEO. to real-time data.   

What is the relevance of SEO services company for a business? Job aspirants may explain the benefits of acquiring an SEO agency like cost-saving or smart approach than freelancers or keeping in-house teams.

What is the Robots .txt file? Basis introduction of Robots .txt file.

Why ignoring a tiny mistake Robots .txt can play havoc with SEO? It may block search engines or even invite miscreants to risky pages.

What are the latest link-building techniques? Job aspirants can discuss how to build links for getting maximum link juice.

What is Voice-search SEO? A brief view on voice SEO.

How is voice SEO different from regular search SEO? For example, queries asked by users in natural language, slang, while driving, or for shopping.

What is the role of Artificial Intelligence in search engines optimization? It will include how AI, machine learning, or predictive algorithms govern history to display relevant information.

What is metadata? The part is visible on SERPs.

What is the significance of visuals and videos for SEO?

How SEO equation changes entirely on the search engine’s first page? The exponential growth in search traffic.

What is schema markup?

What is conversion ratio optimization? The definition of CRO.

What are the CRO techniques? The details about the methods involving in optimizing your conversion ratio.

How does call-to-action matter for SEO? The relationship between the call to action and guiding the user to take the desired action.

Why is user experience crucial for search engines? It may incorporate descriptions of user experience factors.


Let’s wind up; there could be many questions possible. But, employers need to see whether candidates have basic knowledge or advanced skills. It depends on the role for which you’re hiring SEO-based employees. 

In the above article, the definition-based or difference-based questions are the basic ones. Other than that, details-based or complex questions are for experienced job applicants.\

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