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Not Steadily, But Dramatically Score High Points With These Bubble Shooter Stratagems

Bubble shooter is the best mobile game and counts as something that can be played on the go by anyone who knows the right tricks to it. The game is a rage among users and has countless players swarming daily. Here you can Download Best Bubble shooter game

The first bubble shooter game emerged years ago and sustained itself well by always staying at the top in the gaming realm. To understand the game and play it at your optimum level, you should first visit the gaming websites and download the bubble shooter game on your device. You can then gradually learn the best skills to outsmart your opponent and get a staggering score in the game.

Download Best Bubble shooter game

The list below notes all the best strategies required to make your score rise sky-high in bubble shooter territory.

Always Plan Ahead

The game is bright and colorful and looks like a cakewalk, making players take it easy. Bubble shooter has inviting gameplay, but the game demands good planning for players to get a higher score. When starting the game, many players randomly shoot the bubbles and try to race the time and get more points at the end of the game.

This strategy, however, is proved to be not wise as you cannot reach your full potential of high scores. Shoot the bubbles to develop high combos that pay off at a later stage in the game. You can score massive points by making back-to-back combos and heroically supersede your opponent. So hurry and Download Best Bubble shooter game

To achieve this feat, you have to find ideal places on the board to set up the bubbles in order. Once you have done that, you can safely start matching them up as the round progresses to be more intense.

Use Power-Ups At Every Chance

Powerups are the most exciting factor of the game that can affect the outcome at any moment. There are three popular powerups in bubble shooters that help you do so. The fireball is used to burst all the bubbles in a single line. The second one is the wild bubble which has a unique ability.

You can use it to transform any bubbles into a combination by changing the surrounding color of the bubbles and making them the same. This is important when you cannot clear that one specific corner in the gaming area has an assortment of many different mismatched bubbles. Simplyaweeb – Watch & Download Free Animes

The last one is the Bomb bubble, which helps you clear clumped areas by exploding the bubble it touches and the ones surrounding it. The powerups should be used when they show up in the bottom right area. People usually try to save them for some time to get a perfect way to execute them, but that only diminishes your high score. The player is awarded extra points for using them, so you should immediately play them once you get a hold of the powerups.

Trust Your Instincts

Bubble shooter games are based on planning and acting on the spot. It would be best if you were well versed enough to understand your hold of the game and be invested in getting the next color of bubble right. If your deduction asks you to change the bubble color, you should immediately do so without hesitation.

The committed player must focus on the difficult matchings on the board and hit them right when you have the chance. Do not stress more about overthinking in the initial stages of the game, as, at this point, you have only started to get more miniature scores. Your starting instinct gives you a better edge in the game and kicks in again when the match is over, so use your inner voice wisely.

Shoot For The Hives

The best way to get high scores on the board is to target the large hive of bubbles. Hitting and making combos on small clusters will not get you points high enough to defeat your opponent in the game. The benefit of targeting larger groups is that the moment you hit them, the bubbles hanging onto the extremities with no combinations also get included in the combo and vanish from the gaming board.

The more you play, the more difficulties and time constraints make it harder for you to score points high enough to get a better score. In this context, all hives that smaller groups cloak should be attacked at first. This act creates more room on the gaming board and lets you achieve more bonuses and combos.

Do More Bank Shots

This shot is done when the bubble you have shot bounces off the sidewall and then strikes the main cluster of bubbles in the playing area. It is a simple, well-planned shot, but it helps you target bubbles at the back of the screen. The first row does not always have arrangements that will benefit you. In this case, you will have to use this shot to get inside the structure and move ahead in making combos there.

Playing bank shots is the most useful way to grab a win in bubble shooter games. You will only get a proper idea of it if you practice the game. To execute a successful bank shot, the perfect angle has to be achieved, and then the move has to be performed.

Final Thoughts

Bubble shooter games are easy to play and have quite an interactive element that makes them enjoyable. The above list discusses the best strategies you can apply to win bubble shooter games and the best way to score the significant sections. The game gets progressively more challenging, and strategies become the only way to get forward without suffering a low score. It is wise to practice these strategies repeatedly to develop your strengths and swiftly win the game over your opponent.

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