How to design a login within minutes?

If you want to make a logo without asking a professional and without any challenge, so you can find the solution. Therefore, this article will introduce some best online logo makers where you can easily create a logo for free. If you want to make a good-looking logo without spending money, please try it from these useful logo makers. However, there is a huge number of online logo makers on the internet world. You definitively need a guideline to choose a logo maker to design your projects. So How to design a login within minutes?


4 tips when choosing logo makers

1. Can you create a logo with a simple operation?

There is no point in using the site unless the specifications are such that you can easily create a logo.

Choosing a site that can create a logo in a few steps is important, such as entering text and selecting the desired design to create a logo.

2. Are there abundant templates available?

With many choices, such as the ability to select templates from industry categories, you can easily create a logo that is close to your image.


3. Is it possible to create a high-quality logo even for free?

For example, the name of the website you created may be included in your logo, and you may end up with your logo that cannot be used realistically. Also, if it is free, the image may be extremely rough, so it is necessary to make a quality logo suitable for the size you use.


4. Can you create a logo that can be used in business?

Many logo makers can be used for business, but you need to check it just in case. Also, if the logo styles you can make are not suitable for business, or if you can only make flashy ones, you should avoid using them for business.

How to design a login within minutes

5 logo makers where you can create a logo for free


CoolText is a website where you can create a logo simply by selecting your favorite design from 128 types of designs and entering the text.

You can create a logo in just 2 steps, that is, Select a design and Enter logo text.

Points to keep in mind when using CoolText

  • There are few designs for business.
  • Many pop and flashy designs may not be suitable if you want to choose from many business designs.
  • Difficult to customize.
  • You can add shadows and change colors to a given design, but you may find it difficult to do so.


DesignEvo is a web-based logo maker with a wealth of templates. It claims over 10,000 logo templates prepared since it was launched. All these templates are classified into 34 categories, so it is easier to find the wanted logo template to customize. Besides, it has set a template searching box.

Some of its features and notes

  • Highly customization. In other words, most elements on the template are editable so that people can replace them.
  • The types of logo templates and the types of fonts are abundant to create logos with high design.
  • To download your logo for free, you need to share this tool on your social media platform.



LogoGarden is a site where you can freely customize text and colors from many categories’ designs to create a logo.

Some points when using LogoGarden

  • The logo design can be selected for each category.
  • And since you can select the design for each category, you can select the design that suits your company’s industry, for example, the high degree of freedom in text placement, etc.
  • Instead of arranging the text in the specified part of the logo, you can freely arrange it and change the font.
  • By registering for a fee, you can design business cards and T-shirts using the created logo.
  • There is a charge for designing logos such as T-shirts.



Logaster is a website where you can create a high-quality logo by selecting the company name and design.

Some benefits and advantages of using Logaster

  • It can be created just by following the instructions on the screen
  • You can create a logo just by choosing the things that are displayed on the screen.
  • You can select a business category.
  • The design that matches your company’s industry is automatically displayed.
  • You have to pay a fee to download in high resolution. There is a charge to download in sizes larger than 1024px.
  • Too many designs. There are many designs available, so if you don’t have a certain concept, it will take time to select.


These logo makers are quite convenient and easy to use for personal non-commercial purposes. And most of them would require upgrading the packages so that you could own the logo copyright. Still, there are many templates to choose from, and then modify them according to your own preferences.



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