How to do Facebook ads in 2024

When it comes to Facebook advertising, the creative aspect of your ads is the most important thing. A compelling copy will get people to click on your ad, but the images and videos cause people to take a moment to look at your ad. Do you wanna know How to do Facebook ads 2023 and How to design effective Facebook ads? Here’s a quick guide.

But what happens if you cannot have the money to hire a designer or expensive equipment? What if you’re limited in your design capabilities?

Do not worry. In this article, I’ll go over X cheap and no-cost software tools you can use to create top-quality and on-brand content that you can use for Facebook and Instagram advertisements.

Affordable and cost-effective Facebook advertisement style

Most people are confused about How to do Facebook ads in 2023. The success of a Facebook advertisement depends on all of its components, including the creative, text, landing page, and deal. Let’s review six low-cost or free methods of creating eye-catching images.

Your smartphone

The cameras of most Apple and Android smartphones and tablets are fantastic today. They can produce high-quality images of your items, services, and even background images.

Are you sure this picture was shot with an iPhone?

If you have the right background and lighting, some photographs do not require additional editing. Many phones come with additional functions and effects. This is the most simple and fastest method to create videos and images that you can use for Instagram and Facebook ads.

If it’s necessary to upgrade your phone, it’s an easier option than buying expensive equipment. In addition, you’ll be able to make more use of your phone.

As for investments, Are you achieving the best return on your Facebook advertising?

Please make use of our Facebook Ads Performance Grader to ensure that you’re not wasting your advertising dollars or missing opportunities.

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Stock video and image

If you prefer using professional videos and images, use stock images and videos to add to your social media marketing arsenal designs. Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay are not the only sites that provide unlimited photos and videos to download free of charge. However, their search capabilities can also help you find and find creative content that meets your preferences in visuals.

For example, Unsplash divides its inventory into more than 20 subjects which you can narrow down to topics that focus on work, technology, business, nature, and much more.

Here is an example of a mockup of an ad that uses Unsplash. Unsplash image. It looks great.

Mockup Facebook ad designed using a stock image

It is brought to you via Unsplash + Facebook Ad mockup generator.

Although the videos and images are free, you’ll have to sign up for an account. Additionally, sure of them offer additional assets that require paid subscriptions. Remember that since you’ll use these creative stock images for commercial purposes, it is essential to review the website’s license agreement and the FAQ to avoid conflict or infringement.

If your competition is employing stock creatives, take the time to look through the Facebook Ad Library to find out the types of ads they’re running to ensure that you don’t utilize the same designs in your advertisements.

This will also allow you to discover ways to make your advertisements look and read more effectively as the creative and copy work harmoniously.

Facebook ads templates

If you’re looking to find other options, check out apps such as Canva and Shutterstock, which not only provide low-cost and free images, however, they also offer designs for social media for organic and paid-for assets.

Shutterstock ($49 per month for one user) provides access to over 350 million photos, videos, music, documents, and templates that you can use to create everything, including Facebook Page cover images to Instagram Stories content. The less you need to worry about proper specifications and the simpler it is to present your company in a positive image on paid social and other platforms, the better.

Canva offers unlimited access to template designs that you can apply to your organic and paid social media campaigns. If you like what you are seeing and would like more features like Brand Kit that lets you save your brand’s logo, colors logos, brand colors, and more in one location; along with tools for managing teams along with workflow tools and editing that is shared it is possible to upgrade to the Canva Pro account for $30 per month for an individual user. Additionally, you’ll have access to more templates, images, and design and layout tools.

How to do Facebook ads 2022

Facebook’s built-in creativity tools

Facebook Ads Manager offers advertisers access to a variety of free features and tools so that you can quickly create creative ideas for your advertisements. Within it, you’ll find the Facebook library of stock photos and the Video Creation Kit, which allows advertisers to make video ads by uploading photos and animating the videos.

Subtle motion has been proven to be a successful method to grab users’ attention as they scroll on Facebook and Instagram and make them look at your advertisement. This Video Creation Kit provides several free templates, such as seasonal marketing templates for special promotions. They also allow users to alter and resize their videos on the same platform. These templates permit you to include your logo, add overlay text, or include thumb-stopping effects.

Via Facebook Ads Manager

According to Facebook’s July 2019 – study, One of the most basic yet most effective ways to grab mobile users’ interest is motion. Ads that include motion that is lightweight surpass ads that rely on still images by themselves 75% of the time.

To help advertisers make more video advertisements, Facebook put together a couple of options on their Facebook Business App Store. They also recommend Canva and Shakr and Shakr, Boosted, and Vimeo.

The Facebook business app store includes applications for adding motion to advertisements.

Via Facebook Business App Store

User-generated Content (UGC)

Do you have satisfied customers who share your products or products on social media channels? Please take advantage of this content since it is often some of the most successful converting ads imaginative. UGC is a term used to describe user-generated material (UGC) refers to when users endorse your brand by tagging it in videos or images, which they then share to their networks.

Before you utilize a UGC in your advertisements, make sure you get permission from the user and credit them (and perhaps send some small gifts), except if you’re using an influencer and the terms of your agreement state that it is not permitted.

UGC content can drive more sales since consumers are more likely to consider a customer’s review more reliable than an advertisement from a company. Make sure you encourage UGC in your social media community. Encourage hashtags to promote your brand so you can better filter and find relevant content organize contests, or be creative with it.

Apparel brand Aerie does a fantastic job of promoting its hashtag #aeriereal and encouraging its fans to follow it, which results in plenty of UGC content that they can make use of. It’s hard to beat the power of a testimonial from a client.

Facebook Brand Collab’s Manager

Suppose you’re trying to work with influencers on your advertising design. In that case, Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager tool helps advertisers discover relevant content from influencers and creators on the platform and work with them on advertising campaigns. It’s not yet accessible to all users, but make an application to determine whether your company is eligible to be involved.

Instagram’s Branded Content Ads

On the Instagram side of creative advertising, advertisers can utilize Instagram’s Branded Content ads, allowing companies to transform organic content of other brands and influencers that include you in their advertisements. To use Instagram’s Branded Content Ads, advertisers need to have a relationship with the creator of the content.

Create compelling Facebook ads that don’t break the bank

Today, we live in a period when we don’t need to pay an arm and a leg to make appealing, engaging, and visually appealing advertisements. With the options that we can find, create and reuse videos and images to create your Facebook and Instagram ads, we can succeed as small business owners, entrepreneurs with a tight budget, non-profits, or even as account managers and consultants with limited resources.

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