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How to turn on/off dark mode on Instagram 2023? [Android, iPhone, and PC]

If you are a nighttime stalker there’s a piece of good news for you. Now you can scroll Instagram at night without getting irritated with the much-lighted version. Going back to the original screen will not be easy for you as you are thinking about this. Instagram got its dark mode debut back in 2019. So, when it’s the night you might be feeling good as you will get a muted tone on this. Well, this might be one great improvement for you but many people don’t want it all the time.

So, if you don’t know how you can turn off these dark modes here we have got a great guide for you. About how you can follow these little steps and control both of these apps on your phone. In this article, we’re going to discuss how to turn on/off dark mode on Instagram in 2023

Turn on/off dark mode on Instagram

You have a dark mode for a longer time, so, this way you will have this dark mode that will automatically reduce the brightness so that it can suit your phone’s natural screen and background. This way you can easily see your phone’s screen even in the darkness. Now if you are asked if you want to turn on the dark mode you have to refresh yourself according to the methods that you use.

Now here are a few ways you can use to turn on and off the dark mode, all depending on your phone’s choice. This includes the brightness and the display settings no matter if you use Android or even the iPhone. So, if you know which method you have used you would like to turn it on. Now here we are going to give you a complete step-by-step guide about how you can turn on as well as off the dark mode.

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Now if you have been using an input-output system and then you wanted to use the dark mode, and you have switched this dark mode on your iPhone settings, You will see that your Instagram is in dark mode every time you open the app. For turning off the dark mode you will have to follow these steps carefully and you will get to know.

Let’s close the Instagram app first.

  • Now you would go to the iPhone’s
  • Go to the further settings and then to the display and
  • You can turn off the dark mode when you switch yourself to the light
  • Open that Instagram you will see that you are no longer in the dark

How to turn on/off dark mode on Instagram in 2023

Turning on and off your dark mode on Instagram using iPhone

Or another super cool way would be telling Siri to turn off your dark mode. And here’s you can do that, you can just say hey Siri turn off this dark mode. But if you have this icon in the control center you can easily toggle it anytime you want.

Turning on and off the dark mode on Instagram on the PC

Now you can also schedule this dark mode for one specific time every day. Now you can enable this setting by going into the settings and then to the display or even the brightness. After that, you may select the automatic buttons. Here you would choose an option from sunrise to sunset. Now if you want to have the light mode you may click on the daytime, if you want to choose the dark mode you may click on the night option. Or even after all of this, you can click on the customs, and then you would like to enter all the specific timings that you want for you to get your phone in the dark mode.

If you are using the phone on Android 10, you can also check the system by using the following instructions.

  • Firstly, you have to go to the settings of your Android
  • Now click on the setting
  • Here from the display page, you will click on the dark mode, and even if you want you may go to the light mode that you might find on the very top of your phone’s screen. For light mode to turn on you may click on the light
  • And then go to Instagram, this way your app will not be in the dark
  • If you are still seeing the dark mode you can close your Instagram, and then again reopen it to fix it.

Turning off and on your dark mode on Instagram on your Android phone

You may also want to turn off and on dark mode with the help of different options that you might find on the drop-down menus. For doing this you may click on this half-moon icon that you can find. And then you can turn it on and off depending on you. If you are unable to find it in the quick panel you might add it using the three dots option. You will find these three dots in the very corner of the control panel. Click on the quick panel layout. Here you would see different pages where you can add or even remove these buttons.

In case, you want to turn off the dark mode you may leave the settings open, or maybe you can change it using different direct apps. Now go to the profile menu page. And here you would click on these lines that you might find on the very top corner of your phone. Now here you will click on the option named themes and change your setting to the light.

Now you know everything about turning on and off in Instagram’s dark mode which you might find on the Android phone. This way you will have the whole control on both of your days and also nights.


In this article, we have explained to you all the possible ways of turning off and on the dark mode on Instagram, and also how you can avail this option on different phones, let’s say Android, iPhone, or even computers.

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