Importance of Custom Logo Design for Website

Organizations and businesses are represented by images called logos. Their purpose is to display the mission, business, and values of the organizations. Those, who want to elevate the brand’s professional image, then they must consider a custom-designed logo for their website. Displaying your custom logo design in various places, represent how strong the image of a brand is. Online presence is a crucial aspect of the website and recognition is a thing that needs to be considered. For this purpose, a logo is an essential element, which helps customers to identify your brand. To win the loyalty and trust of the customers, brand recognition is considered necessary. In this blog, you’ll know the Importance of Custom Logo Design for Website

Why Do Businesses Require Custom Boxes With Logos?

Importance of Custom Logo Design for Website

Placing Custom Logo Design in Header

In the entire website structure, which section features the logo first? The header is the section that features a logo or emblem to which audiences can relate. To navigate between several website pages, the logo on the header serves the purpose as a reference point. This, along with navigation, remains the same no matter how many pages a website has. When audiences visit the website, the first thing they notice is the logo on the header, particularly in the top left corner. To make sure that the audience can relate to the website, a custom logo design acts as a symbolic representation and help them in making a quick connection for a long-term basis,

Tips for Placing a Logo in Header

A few tips for using a custom logo design in the header section are as follows:

Highlight Logo in Header

Instead of fulfilling with all the details approximately, keep it simple. This will help the visitors in seeing your logo and eventually relate to the website.

Avoid Blurry Logo

While placing the logo on the website header, it is important to make use of it in vector or PNG format only. The advantage of using PNG is that it is of good quality and transparent custom logo design format. Therefore, it is something you should consider as a logo design format for a website’s header. Instead of making use of a blurry logo, you must choose a sharp image as a logo design for your brand.

Placing Logo in Footer Section

It is not necessary to place a custom logo design on a website header only. You can also include the logo in the footer of the website as well. It depends on you whether you want to use a variant of a style or use the same logo below. You can either use the logo in the same color or alter the style a bit, for example, you can use the icon, instead of the complete logo, if you use a combined logo. Besides, you can invert the colors to vary the style of the existing logo in the footer section. Some of the tips related to using the logo on the footer section are as follows:

Vary Logo Style for Footer

You can dare to spice things up in the footer by varying logo style slightly. It is because of this, visitors will be reminded of what your brand is all about. Make sure that the logo on the footer is subtler, as compared to that on the header. However, this is not a necessary factor as far as the website is concerned.

Consistent Approach

Branding consistency matters the most, as far as custom logo design for the website is concerned. The colors used for the brand must also be included within the logo and vice versa. An example of Star Bucks can be best suited in that regard, and it has the same color combination for websites, products, or logos. It will have a shade of green all over the website. The companies have realized the importance of color association for brands, hence the reason it helps them to stand out in the crowd. As far as website UI is concerned, the color must be the same that are present in the logo.

Favicon:  Modify Logo for it

A website’s favicon is another place where a custom logo design can be utilized. However, it will be very small and used to display in the tab section. You may have seen Facebook’s smaller version of the logo on the tab of the website browser. The presence of a favicon for a website is necessary, and it has a size format of 32×32 or 16×16 pixels.

Custom Logo Design Golden Rules

Lay the groundwork

Woolmark and Mercedes are known for their appealing custom logo design, hence, for a brand, laying the groundwork is essential. Every project is different and this is what the designers realize when they continue working for diverse websites.

Easy Recall Factor

Another core aspect is that a custom logo design must consist of an easy recall factor. This is how the audience can associate with the brand. As far as audiences are concerned, their focus is to recall the image as instantly as they can whenever they hear the name or see the name in text format. This is what Deutsche bank did with its logo in 1974.

Symbols are Not Always Mandatory

Take the example of brands like Google; they do not have a symbol to represent themselves. Instead of using a traditional logo format, they rely on wordmark logos and are acknowledged for the products and services they provide to the world.


A custom logo design on the website represents what the website is all about. People judge the products and services on the website through the logo they see. If a logo is not appealing, they will not hesitate to switch to the competitor, even if they have to pay more money on the products that are available at a cheaper price on your website.

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