Importance of playground safety for kindergarten

Kids are small, but that does not mean that they are not allowed to have fun in the playground. Playground fun can help your kid to build motor skills as they will get the four hole swing hangers, sandbox, and slide. When a new person visits the playground, there are chances of building new friends at the place. Here in this article, we’ll discuss the Importance of playground safety for kindergarten

Before the practice of coordination, muscle development, and social skills comes, there is a very important thing that needs to be considered – safety. The safety of your kid is highly important and should be the top priority of every parent. The safety of kids must not be compromised at any cost. Being a parent, you should always supervise your kid and carefully check each play area from a safety perspective before the child starts having fun there. Here are some good tips explained to help you with the kid’s safety. 

Importance of playground safety for kindergarten

Playground injuries are very much common and kids have to face this often. The reason can be a lack of supervision by the parents or maybe due to falling from the equipment. There can also be other troubles related to speed. Safety on the playground is very much essential as not every playset is appropriate for all age groups and some of them may also contain hidden threats such as broken or worn out pieces that make them unsafe for playing. How will you cope with the consequences in such cases? It is advised to take prior precautionary steps instead of regretting them later. 

The responsibility of parents is to teach the kids about the rules of the ground whenever they are playing on the outdoor swing or doing a climbing exercise. Since playing is a tough task for toddlers, you need to take care of their footwear so that they don’t get any harm. There are also some specific rules related to the garments or accessories which should be avoided during playtime.

Keep a check on the playground surfaces for kids and avoid the areas of concrete or other rigid surfaces. Prefer safe items for the underfoot like wood chips, sand, pea gravel, or rubber mats for a safe landing. About the swings, safe surfaces are always the best options where the chances of getting hurt get escaped. 

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Safety tips for babies & toddlers

The babies who are unable to walk or crawl should also be taken special care of in the playground. Keep a regular check on them every time and follow the following tips in mind. 

  • Check the clarity – Make sure to check the set properly and assure that it is attached to the ground well. As the baby is small, they couldn’t take the slide alone. You have to help them by gliding it down. Take care of the feet too.
  • Catching up – If the park has baby bucket-style kids swing, make sure the seats are made of either rubber, plastic, or canvas. Make the baby fastened properly with a safety strap. The toddlers do more than babies on the playground but they also require supervision by the parents while using the equipment.
  • Sitting instead of standing – Make sure that the toddler sits bottom down on the swing to prevent mishaps. There should be only one person on the swing per seat and take care of their motion and stop.
  • Careful walk – Stop the toddler if he or she is walking too close to the swing as they may get hurt. Ask your kid to use the slide on their bottom by keeping the feet forward.
  • Keep a look at sharp edges – If the playground set has metal equipment, keep a check if it has any sport pointy parts, nails, or screws with wooden structures. If you find any sharp thing, try to avoid the set or fix it if you can.

Teaching the kids about playground safety 

Teaching the kids about the safety rules of the playground has no specific time or age. You don’t have to wait for the other kids to get off the set. So that you can teach them a procedure. Never make the mistake of rushing someone on the slide or swing for kids and teach the kid the best way of using the apparatus. Let them sit down and swing, not making the mistake of climbing on the slide and sticking inside the railings on the slide top.

A smart way is to show your child about testing the surfaces of seats, swings, or slides. Some hot metals or plastic may cause contact burns to the kids and toddlers. Such apparatus can be slippery and lead to falling. Guide your child to not jump on the slide and take care while using the set.  

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