Interesting facts about History of Islam

Islam is the universal as well as the comprehensive version of a prehistoric faith that was revealed many times before through various prophets including Adam, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. Here you will get interesting facts about the history of Islam, interesting facts about prophets of Islam and Sahaba R.A, and the Quran.

Interesting facts about the history of Islam

Hazrat Asad died firstly among all the Sahabah.

Hamza & Hussain are also known as the leader of Martyrs.

Hazrat Usman Bin Talha was considered the Keyholder of Khana Kaaba or Bait ul Allah.

Firstly, Hazrat Saad bin Ubi Waqas conquered Persia.

Qabeela bin Qais is also renowned as the cupbearer of Zam Zam.

Abbas was involved in bringing Abu Sufiyan into Islam

Four Caliphs of Islam

Periods of Caliphs

The period of khilafat of Abu Bakar was 632-634

Period of khilafat of Hazrat Umar was 634-644

The period of khilafat of Hazrat Usman was 644656

Period of khilafat of Hazrat Ali was 656-661

The period of khilafat of Abu Bakar was 2y 3m

Period of khilafat of Hazrat Umar was 10years, 5monts, and 21 days

The period of khilafat of Hazrat Usman was 12years.

The period of khilafat of Hazrat Ali was 4 years and 9months.

1- Hazrat Abu Bakkar (R.A)

Hazrat Abu Bakar was the trader or merchant of cloth.

The real or original name of Hazrat Abu Bakar was Abdullah.

The movement of Apostasy or took place in the khilafat of Abu Bakar.

Hazrat Abu Bakar was died in 22nd of Jamadi-usSani 13 AH.

Atique is the title of Hazrat Abu Bakr.

Abu Bakr had knowledge of dreams.

Abu Bakar Siddique was the first person to make Ijtihaad

2- Hazrat Umar Farooq (R.A)

Umar (R.A) accepted Islam at the age of 33 or 27.

Abu Lulu Feroz who was a slave martyred Hazrat Umar Farooq.

Hazrat Umar Farooq was martyred on 1st Muharram 24 A.H.

Hazrat Umar presented Hijra Calendar.

He accepted Islam in 616 A.D.

He established the office of Qazi.

Umar levied zakat on horses.

Hazrat Umar established the Department of Police.

Hazrat Umar formed a parliament, namely Majlis-e Aam.

The first person who was sent to Madina to spread Islam under the guidance of the Prophet was Mus’ab bin Umair.

First-person to perform Janazah Salaah in Jamaat with four Takbeers was Hazrat Umar (R.A)

The first census of the Islamic world took place in Umer’s period.

3- Hazrat Usman (R.A)

Hazrat Usman is also known as Zul Noorain because he was wedded or married with two daughters of the Prophet: Rukya+Umme Qulsoom.

Usman accepted Islam at the urging of Abu Bakar.

Usman migrated to Habsha

Hazrat Usman took part in all battles except Badr.

In the reign of Usama, Muwaviah built a naval fleet.

Only sahabi without seeing Prophet Awais Karni.

Usman added 2nd Azan for Friday prayers.

Ghani was the title of Hazrat Usman (RA).

4-Hazrat Ali

Asadullah & Haider-e-Karar were the nicknames of Hazrat Ali.

Hazrat Ali (R.A) married Fatima Bint e Muhammad in 2nd Hijra.

The Hazrat Ali was born at Khane-e-Kaaba

Hazrat Ali (R.A) was martyred on 21st Ramzan in 40 A.H.
In the battle of Uhad, Hazrat Ali was awarded Zulifqar

Hazrat Ali was awarded the title of gateway to knowledge.

The Hazrat Ali is buried at Najaf.

Ali lifted zakat on horses.

Interesting facts about the history of Islam

Ameer Mavia established the postal system.

Amer bin Aas accepted Islam in 7th Hijri.

Khalid bin Waleed accepted Islam in the 7th Hijri.

First Moazin of Islam, Hazrat Bilal.

The first place where the Prophet stayed in Madina Shareef was the home of Hazrat Abu Ayub Ansaari

Hazrat Abu Zirr Ghaffari is also known as the first Dervish.

Abdullah ibn Maz’oom was the first person who was buried in Jannatul Baqi.

Salah-Uddin Ayubi conquered Bait ul Muqadas.

Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani is buried in Baghdad.

Shah Jahan Mosque is at Thatta.

Indonesia is considered the biggest Islamic Country by population

The Maldives is considered the smallest Islamic country by area

Hazrat Data Ganj Bux is buried in Lahore.

Abyssinia is an old name of Ethiopia.

Mesopotamia is the old name of Iraq.

Constantinople is an old name of Istanbul.

Persia is the old name of Iran.

Albania is Europe’s only Islamic country.

The only land bridge between Asia and Africa is the Sinai Peninsula

Egypt connects Africa with the European continent.

Al Azhar University is in Cairo.

Shah Faisal Mosque is in Islamabad.

Jibraeel will be the first individual who questioned on the Day of Qiyamah.

Among all the animals, the first animal to be brought back to life will be the Bureau of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

The fish liver will be the first meal in Jannah.

On earth, the first Ibaadat was Tauba (repentance).

Hazrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz was the first Mujaddid of Islam.

The first book of Hadith was compiled by Imam Malik which was Moatah.

The Mosque of the Prophet was destroyed due to fire in the reign of Motasim Billah.

Jamia mosque situated in Damascus was built by Walid bin Malik

Badshahi mosque of Lahore, Pakistan was built by Shah Jahan.

Faisal mosque was opened for the public in 1987.

Umm-us-Saheehain is Imam Malik: Mauta.

Mohd: bin Ismael Bukhari comprised of 4,000 hadiths

Bukhari Sharif and Muslim Sharif are known as Sahihain.

Imam Tirmazy was mainly a student of Abu Dawood.

Imam Nisai=Ahmed bin Shoaib.

Kitab-ul-Kharaj was written by Imam Abu Yousuf.

Mahmood Ghaznavi called kidnapper of scholars.

Dara Shakoh was a mystic.

Mulla Nizam-ud-Din founded the school of Dars-eNizamia.

Rabia Basri was born in 95 A.H.

Baqee Billah revolted against Akbar’s deen-e-Ilahi firstly.

Shaikh Ahmed Sirhandi was awarded the title of Mujadid alf Sani by Mulla Abdul Hakeem.

Baba Fareed Ganj Shakr married the daughter of Balban.

Toosi built Margha astronomical observatory.

Mamoon of the west is Al-Zahrawi.

Shah Waliullah wrote Mawahb-ur-Rehman

Interesting facts about Quran

Firstly, There are 114 Surah are in Holy Quran

Secondly, There are 6666 Verses are in Holy Quran

Thirdly, 1015030 dots are there in the Holy Quran

Fourthly, There are a total of 93243 zaber are in Holy Quran

Fifthly, a Total of 39586 Zaire are in Holy Quran

Sixthly, There are a total of 1000 Raque are present in the Holy Quran

A total of 5098 stops (Waqf) are present in the Holy Quran

There are a total of 19253 Thashdeed are in Holy Quran

There are a total of 323671 letters are in Holy Quran

A total of 4808 paish are there in the Holy Quran

There are a total of 1771 Madd are in Holy Quran

A total of 77701 words are present in the Holy Quran

Holy Quran has 30 parts

Bismillah is repeated 114 times in the Holy Quran

113 Surah start with Bismillah Al-Rahmaan AlRaheem

The word ‘Quran’ is repeated 70 times in the Holy Quran

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