Life is an open door/road/book

“Life is an open door” How ridiculous this sentence is? but wait a minute have you ever heard about it or not.
If not I will try to explain this in a different way.

Life is open for those who have an opener. As we need an opener to open a bottle similarly we need an opener for our life. What is the opener of life? It is a very basic and needy question to shape our lives. We think life is given to us only one time but it isn’t true, life is given to us every day. Every morning šŸŒ„ is a new blessing for us, but yes! Death is given to us only one time.

Life is an open door because every day is a new day and the new day rocks. The opener of mind and life according to me is knowledge. Knowledge broadens our minds and helps us to live a good life. As we know everyday life is new and it takes new difficulties and hardships with it. So we should have more knowledge than the previous day to open the new day and to deal with new hardships and problems.

As it is commonly said:

“Knowledge is power”

It is a power to solve problems and hardships. This power helps us in our survival.
A new day not only brings hardships in our life but opportunities too. New opportunities come every day but we have to see them with cognizant eyes and think about them with a broad mind. Sometimes we have to wait for them and we have to become valuable for them. Life is open for hard workers, hard work will pay you back. All your hardships will end one day with the rising of a new day. A new day in life will open a way to a new life.

According to Emerson:

“Hitch your wagon to a star”

But to drive this wagon of life you should have the fuel of knowledge. In the end, I want to say that seek knowledge to raise your living standards.

MeaningfulĀ life ties people to a larger sense of purpose and value. It makes positive contributions, not only to our individual and spiritual growth but also to civilization and human society as a whole.

Our life drive involves theĀ centralĀ motivating purposes ofĀ our lifeā€”the reasons you get up in the morning.Ā PurposeĀ can leadĀ lifeĀ decisions, impact behavior, shape goals, offer a sense of direction, and make meaning.

Seek the knowledge of Islam also and think about every aspect of life. We have to make our life precious. A comprehensive life is open and open life is beautiful

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