Role of Education in nation-building

Education is quite noteworthy for the development and growth of a country. No nation could be developed without education. Education plays a vigorous and vivacious role in the progress of a country. The role of education in nation-building is pivotal. Without mounting an educated social order it is nearly impossible to promote the ideological rudimentary of Pakistan. And is also impossible to put the country on the way of progress and advancement. Pakistan’s biggest problem prevails in the area of education. This problem will lead to the biggest hurdle in the way of national development.

All the progressed and advanced nations and societies lay more stress on the attainment of knowledge. This is because it is the ultimate key to achievement, success, and treasure. Education is a significant component in the course of development and change. It contains a protuberant position in all social orders. That’s why the modern world profoundly concerning with the task of growth and expansion of knowledge nowadays.

What is the Role of education in nation-building?

By the process of Education, a nation develops and improves its self-awareness. This is done by preparing and educating its individuals who constitute the whole nation. Education is not only an instructional process but is a social process. It provides intellectual, corporeal, philosophical, and ethical exercise and training to the people of that nation. The process of Education is essential for the formation of a rigorous mind in a healthy and sound body.

Dewey Says that education is a process of living through the unceasing restoration of experiences. Education is a process of the growth and expansion of all the dimensions and capacities of the individual; that permit him to regulate his environment and accomplish his likelihoods.

How Secondary Education is important?

Secondary education is a significant subdivision of the whole education system. It proves not only economically fruitful but also works as a helper for the next higher stages. The excellence of a high level of education, that will expect to create advanced-level professionals in diverse fields of a society in a nation, relies on the quality of secondary level of education. That’s why secondary education would be such that it enables individuals to pursue knowledge and organize themselves. It enables them in such a way that they get adjusted in their practice fields and lives productively.

The schools play a most significant part in every community

A school is an organization that in charge of the progress, development and advancement of individuals. It is a simple rule that no establishment could run efficiently and appropriately without good leadership. The headmaster is in charge of the whole school and runs the whole function of the organization efficiently.

But they also usually remain in distress by pressure from outside authorities. Headmaster must possess such qualities and efficiencies with which he enables to control both public and his subordinates. He must be the kind of man whose personality and character will become an example for all the students (Role of Education in nation-building).

“The schools plays a most significant part of every community. It also makes Collaboration and harmonization with other organizations of government in different societies on voluntary bases. “Leadership constantly needs collaboration, coordination, and cooperation but not autocracy”.

A leader is a person who possesses voluntary cooperation and collaboration of the followers. Therefore if the headmaster, just passes orders and thinks that all subordinates will follow and obey him never be a good leader. Such a leader might seem obedient due to his authority and power but never get true respect and love from followers. School leadership will succeed only when it gains cooperation from his employees enthusiastically and work with cooperation and coordination with them.

Role of the head in schools

The Principal resides in an exceptional position in the school structure, which is seeking to assume the teacher a larger part in the supervision of education. Firstly, He is the midpoint of the inter-relationship. So, it is the first and primary responsibility of the Principal of Secondary schools to collaborate with the municipal and community in order to recover the progress and growth of the school actions. The Principal is not delivered housing facilities in this linking also. The investigator was attentive to know as to what kind of problems were being tackled by the Principals, their corresponding schools, and what kind of therapies could be recommended to make them well-organized and reduced their tension about the working freight. (Role of Education in nation-building)

Role of education in nation building

There are many complications and glitches, which are being challenged by the high school Principals in order to attain the anticipated objects and aims of learning. Schools have become big trade in more behaviors than in scope above increasing development reduced the task of public dealings unbelievably more intricate.

New inclination in teaching takes a place-challenging problem upon the frontrunners. Teachers are becoming more fluent often less persistent with strict management. The course plans and student actions have come of age too and these activities confusing the problems of preparation and funding of judgment. Training for aptitude does not include training a person’s psychological abilities so that they will be accessible to work in every suitable situation, which attains.

School head as good manager!

Good Manager is one who does not plan for others but plans with others. It means that a good superintendent takes his talent into sureness. Since he knows human nature, he knows the skill of human dealings.
No managerial practices are so good to eradicate all pressure and resistances. The manager looking for information of the staff and public and making conclusions on group-based discerning and discussion has the best chance of making the idea. The chance of the new period has perceived revitalized women contribution in enlightening management.

Their marked depiction and contribution have carried with these tasks they have to complete in positions of authority such as school management. Trials or hindrances that females encounter within the school management are well-known.

Duties of headmasters/headmistress in school management

These tasks comprise attitudinal, indorsed, and societal hurdles. Women are mostly inattentive in the higher stratums of organizations and also in specific occupations such as technical and marketable segments. Though the majority of the investigation on women in the management of educational system essences on under demonstration of, and hurdles that women faced in educational management, rarer researches have delivered incomplete understandings into the kind of the glitches female face in managing the schools professionally and successfully.

The role of head in schools is very essential in supporting the alteration and innovative changes. If a head is a part of the process of positive changes in the school, the laities of the success of the system will be countless. Likewise, the excellence and proficiency of school largely hinge on, the actual school management. Principals have basic three roles within the school in the province of Punjab; speculative, managerial, and monetary.

The managerial and administrative roles of a head are reflected as their crucial accountability. And they necessitate them to define recruitment wants, making time table, upholding archives obligatory by respective governments, a public association of school help in creating a favorable atmosphere in the schools.

Our Pakistan is an emerging country of the third world

Our Pakistan is an emerging country of the third world. Here the government/global organizations and NGOs, are performing a noteworthy role in the arena of education. They are trying to encourage education and play their part in the expansion of the country. Under General Zia’s National education policy of 1978, Pakistan education has become gradually Islamic in content and alignment but has skilled few physical changes and quality has continued openly too much disapproval.

The only major setback of strategy has been in the arena of nationalization of schools. Private schools are now permissible to function as long as they follow to recommend morals “Innovation” is a preferred buzzword amongst Pakistan education, but only a rare of the improvements probable in policy papers are ever executed. Variations in the system are slow because of financial restrictions and a lack of harmonization among the various actions.

Yet, there have been a number of optimistic development in the past period, including free training up to mark for families of low-income families; resource of cheap manuals through the textbook board, book banks, and the National book substance; expansion of student hostels; and concessional bus fares for scholars.

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