The Right Tools to Create Successful Social Media Videos That Convert for Ecommerce

People rely on different social networks in today’s digital times, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc., for interacting with friends, watching videos, making purchases, and more. One of its best aspects includes users easily getting connected through these platforms. Furthermore, social media videos sites also help many businesses by providing a stepping stone for eCommerce businesses, leading to success if used diligently. 

Why to Create Social Media Videos?

You can create social media videos to build trust and enhance engagement levels, but the question here is what kind of videos eCommerce businesses require to generate more revenue. These videos give marketers a voice and an excellent method to communicate with their existing and potential customers. However, you must know the type of videos you should make to get the best results and tools to help you achieve your goal.   

Videos have gained more importance than ever before, and you will be amazed to know that the online buyers have significantly increased to 2 million as of 2020. This data implies that one in four people worldwide is an online shopper. 

All these people do online research before buying anything, and most of the people watch videos of the product and its usage before purchasing. Therefore, if you want to yield excellent results from marketing, you need to send messages to the right place, at the right time, through the right channel. 

These days, people do not prefer reading long blogs or instruction manuals; instead, they like watching how-to and product review videos, demos, and webinars to understand the product better. Therefore, appealing videos hook viewers, and keeping your video short and crisp is imperative.

What is Social Media Marketing?

This concept combines two robust approaches: the first is video marketing that marketing specialists create to design and curate video content. It is a technique of marketing and advertising goods or services to draw targeted attention and existing audiences. It helps keep viewers engaged and increases brand awareness. At the same time, you need to keep your video informative and entertaining, so they watch it till the end.

The second component comprises social media videos marketing, which means you engage with your customers using social media videos platforms. Advertising your product on social media will promote your eCommerce brand. 

Tools to Create Successful Social Media Videos

Social Media Videos Apt for Ecommerce

Videos have become a crucial part of the marketing world because they catch viewers’ attention and have proven to be more enticing than text or photo content. Here are the types of social media videos you should use for eCommerce

1) About us videos- A brand is more of a name and logo. If you want to grab your users’ attention to stick to your brand, you will have to offer value. You can tell viewers about your brand, history, mission, and objectives with social media videos. Tell them why you are different from your competitors and why they should purchase your products.

It will help build trust that allows marketing the brand better.

2) Product close-up- Writing about a product will not impact how videos impact. It makes customers confident about buying a product when they see it from close-up from every angle.  

3) Product overview- Here, you can cover more; talk about the product’s features, purpose, and prices. There are different product overview videos such as informational, how-to videos, and user-generated. You are creating different promotional videos to inform about your product. Let your audience know the process of how to use it, along with the reason for its purchase. It will help build trust amongst your prospective clients. 

4) Messages from the founder- A message from the founder demonstrates your company’s culture and shows that it cares about the target audience. You can use these videos to make employees’ announcements, Q&A with the customers, and live videos. It helps create a personal connection with the customers and improves engagement.

 5) Explainer videos- These videos are great for explaining the product features. For example, if you sell a wall-mounted table, you can explain how to assemble it by using the audiovisual tool – videos! Also, complex things become simple to understand.  

Tools to create successful social media videos

It is essential to use specific tools to create impressive videos, such as online video editors, online video trimmers, etc., as they help develop videos effortlessly. 

Here are some tools you can use-

1) PromoRepublic- This helps create and manage eye-catchy eCommerce videos to communicate with your viewers and customers. One of the most significant aspects of eCommerce videos is the thumbnail; various social media users usually turn off the auto-play feature. Therefore, creating an intriguing thumbnail image is essential to encourage people to click the play button.

2) Unbounce- It is recommended to keep the design of the landing page similar to the videos, as this leaves a good impression on cold visitors. This tool helps create a customized landing page with a similar color palette, ad copy, and call to action.

3) Magicx- It is impossible to create the best video ad in the first shot if you are a beginner, so instead of wasting time, you can use this fantastic tool to create beautiful videos. It uses historical data to simplify creating ads that convert more leads. 

4) KyLeads- This tool helps build a popup that will appear when people move their cursor out of the browser. Thus, your site will show a popup promoting a relevant lead magnet, just like a discount code. They help users stay focused and make healthy relations with their prospects. 


These were some unique video types and the best tools to create compelling social media videos to generate more leads for eCommerce sites. Try and promote your product more by videos. As 72% of customers prefer to know more about brands and their products by watching videos.

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