Top 5 Online Shopping Trends and Predictions for 2024

The time is here for the holiday season of the year again! It’s not about sitting on the couch to watch your favorite holiday movies (though it’s the season). In this blog, you’ll find the Top 5 online shopping trends and predictions for 2023.

December is when we start to contemplate the coming year – this time 2019, and all in the future. Like we do here at WSI, we love to make some predictions as we contemplate the future.

I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the primary reason we began these posts on marketing predictions, Rand Fishkin’s annual forecasts in the Moz blog that he started doing in 2011.

Because we prefer to be honest here on the WSI blog on digital marketing, We’ll review our claims from last year to ensure we have the Nostradamus-like touch.

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Here’s the grading scale that we developed to accompany the OG predictions for 2014:

Oracle (+2) Oracle (+2) we’re right; it’s like we’re channeling the lovely woman from The Matrix

Oracle Training (+1) We didn’t see the whole image, but we saw the future

Clean As Mud (0) We weren’t correct; however, we weren’t wrong either.

Just A Little Outside (-1) We tried painting the corners of the plate; however, the ump did not let us know the answer.

Swing and A Miss (-2) – We were not far away like a batter expecting to hit a fastball but getting a curve.

Top 5 online shopping trends and predictions for 2023

Do you wanna know the Top 5 online shopping trends and predictions for 2023? Keep reading!

#1 1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Future of Marketing Will Take Form

Grade: +2

We’re not going to pretend that it was an easy prediction to make, but If you’re right, you’re right. There’s no doubt about it: AI has changed how marketers work and how companies market the products or services they offer.

Deep learning has given marketers access to massive amounts of highly detailed data connected to automated platforms and systems.

There’s a demand for human-powered marketing professionals (so we’re not going to panic now); however, AI is no longer merely marketing’s future; it’s now the norm.

#2: Chatbots and smart digital assistants become mainstream

Grade: +2

We’ll keep this short The Reasons Your Customers Want to chat and How it could transform your business.

This is also a reason why Advanced Technologies like Chatbots Continue to rely on traditional marketing methods.

When we write about a subject that’s often more than a year after forecasting it to be a significant deal, you’d be providing us with two oracle points.

#3: Marketers begin creating Content that is Augmented Reality (AR) and Content

Grade: +1

It’s not mainstream. Therefore we’re not taking full credit for it. However, AR content indeed became an industry in the year 2018.

Apple offers AR Kit; Facebook has AR Studio, and big brands Ikea, Pepsi, and Sephora have all launched massive AR campaigns for content. AR content will only continue to increase in popularity from now on.

4. Influencer Marketing Keeps Its Position

Grade: +2

Influencer marketing has not only kept its sway, but it also has continued to expand. Find out for yourself:

Google Trends Graph for Influencer Marketing.

#5: More brands invest in enhancing their customer experience

Grade: 0

It happens every year. When we feel strongly about something.

We predict it, and it isn’t easy to grade accurately. According to our thinking, companies ought to invest more in improving and enhancing their customer experience. But whether or not it happens is a bit more challenging to determine. We’ll call it even.

Final Score Final Score: +7

What do you think of this! 7 points is the best we’ve ever achieved for prediction from the previous year. This is all the more reason to dive right into what expect to see in the future of marketing in the year 2019:

People who are sitting and standing in front of laptops.

1. Google Searches Resulting in “Zero clicks” Will Grow (Again)

The mentioned Rand Fishkin has been warning us about “zero-click” search results recently, and we’re paying attention. The game is changing, and not recognizing the importance of users not clicking on SERP results as often is left entirely in the dust.

#2: SEO on the Internet is A Tactic and a Concept

We’ve already written about why you should pay attention to on-SERP SEO, and, in the year 2019, we’re predicting it will be the case that “On-SERP SEO” becomes the new buzzword in the world of marketing.

Something must be done this time. We’re amazed that there aren’t more discussions about how SERPs are shifting or be concerned by the speed at which the actual clicks are falling.

If the trend continues as we anticipate, those companies that can find ways to perform great SEO on the search engines will win the most.

#3 Game-Changing Marketing Tools for Influencers make a big splash

The most important one we’re waiting for is SparkToro which defines its goals as:

Our goal is to help you discover podcasts, websites, blogs, social accounts, and publications that can reach your target audience.

This is not only desperately needed but indeed a fantastic tool. We’re excited to test it!

We mentioned the use of voice search in our previous blog post on the four best tips for marketing content that you should explore in 2019, so we’re going to expand our focus on voice search in this post.

With the increasing popularity (and massive advancement) of intelligent speakers and digital assistants, voice assistants are becoming more popular. You’ve probably already known that – voice search is also responsible for fewer searches on SERPs.

Content designed for voice search will be more effective than content that’s not optimized for voice search in the year 2019 as well as beyond.

5: Videos Content Increases in popularity (Again)

This prediction is akin to both #4 and #1. It is well-known that video is an excellent method to kickstart your marketing campaigns. Savvy marketers also know that Google will continue to feature videos in its SERPs. This is understandable because Google is the owner of YouTube.

While it’s true that videos will grow in popularity already however it’s good to know that video isn’t likely to suffer a blow despite Google continuously trying to cut down on the number of SERPs that are visited.

For video to get the boost it needs through voice search; it’s occurring on tablets and smartphones; however, when smart speakers with displays start to enter the marketing industry, the effects will be more significant.

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