Write from the heart and set creativity

As a content creator, you can lose sight of your talent for quality writing. One have to write from the heart and set creativity. Writing gigs can be inherently fun and allow for your creativity to flow with little effort. They might also pay you a generous sum for doing what you love. But finding both can be a rare find these days.

Let’s talk about that.

Maybe following your passion dovetails with making a decent income. More often, though, freelance writers have to choose between getting creative or making money. I want to do both, don’t you?

We may think we have no choice. But with a lot of commitment and an ounce of faith, we have a chance to shine. If you want to follow your passion, you’ll have to risk not making much money right away. There are sites like this one that let you spread your wings and fly that proverbial pen across the page while earning money for reader engagement.

Reader engagement increases when we share engaging content. 

Without sharing from the heart, your engagement will inevitably drop. If you’re writing about local news you don’t find compelling, it will show up in your readership over time.

Ever notice how trending articles gain high exposure and interest then crash? It’s because people get curious, then quickly get bored. They need to feel your passion blazing through the screen or page. Let words evoke emotion and touch their hearts. They’ll eagerly share with their friends because they relate. Your passion is timeless and potentially life-altering. Isn’t it wonderful to know your words can change a person’s life?

You have to look at your long game. 

It’s tempting to let other offers lure you into thinking that instant gratification will help you grow as a writer. Any business that skimps on quality for the sake of mass content won’t last, and neither will you. It’ll sap your motivation and eventually take the wind out of your sails. That quick money-making kind of writing job isn’t sustainable.

You’ll sacrifice improving your craft for a paycheck. That can result in less pay anyway since you’re already disenchanted and know you can’t force it. You’ll inevitably drop out of the race for quick cash.

Write from the heart and set creativity

People love to read stories we share from our hearts. When they get inspired by your words, give them more. Keep writing about what matters to you, or try a new, exciting fiction series. Write about sex. Everyone loves to read about sex.

Follow your muse. Add vibrant color and sharp flavor. Excite and delight your reader with what lights you up. Inspire them with your passion.

Write from the heart and set creativity

If local news inspires you, I applaud you. 

The news doesn’t inspire me unless it’s a feel-good story on a charitable act or supporting a local business.

Lately, I struggle with choosing to spend my limited time writing short informational news articles or diving into my never-ending creative well and sharing heartfelt essays. As a single homeschooling mom of two young children, I often have to choose one or the other — be passionate or write boring news stories.

I don’t naturally write very fast, mostly due to my attention to detail and refusal to crank out poor-quality writing. Some of us can produce quality work promptly, but I’m not one of them.

It’s not hard to write about what I know. I publish stories on local restaurants or nonprofit organizations. But it’s mostly me regurgitating website info or repeating myself as I rave about amazing enchiladas and soup kitchens. I had a goal to earn a certain amount, and I dropped the ball.

It’s excruciating to write without inspiration. When I’m unmotivated to write, it feels like a chore. And when it feels like such hard work, I flee or freeze. Why endure that when I could be writing what sets my pen flying?

Some of us are doing the equivalent of serving tables while working on our novel. I accept that, sometimes, we do what we don’t love to get to where we want to be. But it’s becoming more clear to me that when I force myself to push local news pieces, it holds me back from shining my light. Why not turn it on and keep going?

Imagine what fire we spark in ourselves and others by sharing our passions through our talent for the written word. When you only focus on the money, you forget what’s important. It’ll show up in your writing, too.

Why not follow your heart instead? Take the slow and steady path, setting intentions for improving your craft through accessing your true inspiration. Find your muse and pay attention. Then cozy up by the fireplace and enjoy basking in the glow of your light.

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