10 reasons why Linux is better

Linux is a powerful tool. It powers over 60% of internet service worldwide. Linux is also found in all Android tablets as well as smartphones. In addition, it is available in different embedded devices such as game consoles, and Livebox. If you have an interest in IT or network administration then learning Linux is really important.

This is because it will open doors to many employment opportunities. Speaking of employment, a Linux system administrator is one of the positions that you can consider going for. Yes, it will be a challenging job that might even frustrate you at times but it will be great for your career growth.

Once you gain some experience working as a Linux professional, you will be able to create your worth in the market. And you would be ecstatic to know just how actively a staffing agency looks for such individuals. With that said, let’s delve a bit deeper and find out just how becoming proficient in Linux can turn your life around.

#1. Let’s You Find Better Career Opportunities

As stated earlier, if you learn Linux then you will be able to get different job offers. And you know what? One of the places where there is a demand for Linux professionals is Mauritius. So, imagine yourself getting a job there. Who wouldn’t want that? You see, there are different Mauritian companies in various sectors such as banking, textile, telecommunication, and sugar that heavily rely on Linux system administrators and Linux servers.

Apart from Mauritius, you can get a job pretty much anywhere in the world. According to the Linux Job Report, 81% of recruiters say recruiting a Linux talent is their top priority.

#2. Allows You to Save Money for the Company

One of the major benefits of Linux is that it will make businesses save money. So, if you are skilled at it then you can easily perform tasks cost-effectively which would certainly bring you in the good looks of your recruiters. You should also know that Linux is available for free. This means that you won’t need to license it. Hence, it will save you from licensing fees.

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Also, there is no other software that can come near it in terms of value versus cost. In addition, it is important for you to note that when Linux servers are properly set up by competent system administrators then this would require less maintenance as compared to proprietary solutions.

#3. Assists You in Landing Your Dream Job

By now you must have figured out just how important Linux is for you to receive job offers. But has there been an instance where you liked a company so much that you dreamt about working there? Well, it can become a reality. All you need to do is to study a certification course.

And once you do that, there will be no stopping you. The value of your resume will increase by several folds and all top organizations will be willing to offer you a job in system and network administration. Plus, you can expect them to pay you handsomely as well. And not to forget the added benefits which will make all of your efforts worth it.

#4. Complete Freedom

One of the best things about Linux is that it offers much control as compared to other operating systems. This means that you can easily tweak the servers if need be. Moreover, you can easily change settings and will be able to master the command line.

You can even get access to the latest cloud and would be able to learn new tricks. Plus, you will be able to automate different activities. The bottom line is that you will get to enjoy complete freedom when it comes to doing your job.


Learning Linux is an art. It is not as easy as it might seem to some. However, if you do put in your efforts and dedication then nothing is impossible. Once you have trained yourself as a Linux professional then life will become much easier for you. How? Well, you not only be able to get your dream job but will also be able to enjoy great freedom. Also, you will be getting paid handsomely which will certainly make up for all the hard work you did to learn Linux.


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