Types of Cyber Security Tools – Latest 2024

Cyber ​​security software is required for the cyber security and privacy of both businesses or individuals. It is a method used to protect your network, system or application from cyber-attacks and used to prevent unauthorized access, cyber-attacks and identity theft. Here in this article, you’ll find different types of cyber security tools

Different components of cyber security

Different components of cyber security are Application security, information, networking, disaster recovery, reliability and more. It needs to be kept up to date against various types of cyber threats such as ransomware, malware, social tech and phishing.

Types of Cyber security tools

CyberSecurity Tools are different types:

  • Network Security Monitoring tools
  • Encryption Tools
  • Web Vulnerability Scanning tools
  • Network Defence Wireless Tools
  • Packet Sniffers
  • Antivirus Software
  • Firewall
  • PKI Services
  • Managed Detection Services
  • Penetration Testing

Why Cyber Security is Important?

The importance of cybersecurity is understood by research done by Mimecast. The ransomware program reportedly saw an increase of 26%, 88% of businesses saw email scams, and 67% of organizations reported an increase in counterfeiting.

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Using public Wi-Fi makes your device or data more vulnerable to hacking. According to a Norton survey, 54% of internet users use public Wi-Fi and 73% of people know that public Wi-Fi is unsafe, even with password protection.

All these statistics prove that cybersecurity is a necessity of our time.

Cybersecurity should be considered when choosing a cybersecurity tool. Cyber ​​resilience means doing everything to stop the threat while simultaneously working to minimize the impact of a successful attack. With this feature, business and email communications can continue uninterrupted.

Types of Cyber Security tool

SolarWinds Security Event Manager

SolarWinds Security Event Manager is a system to prevent network and host access. Monitors, responds to and warns of security threats in real-time. Index search capabilities in the journal. It is an extended cloud-based solution.


Access to network security vulnerabilities is the most popular cloud scanner and helps detect cybersecurity vulnerabilities in your most open systems to prevent data breaches. It is one of the types of cyber security tools

This is the perfect solution for your cyber security problems. This will save you a lot of time.


Syxsense Secure provides security scanning, patch management and remediation on a single cloud console, enabling IT and security teams to prevent intrusions with a single endpoint security solution.


Acunetix solution for storing websites, web applications and APIs. This test security solution detects more than 7,000 vulnerabilities and scans all websites, web applications, and critical web applications.

It includes measures to manage the vulnerability. Downloads and subscription options are available through Acunetix.


NetSparker is a solution to test the security of business applications. Provides features and functionality to automate security testing in SDLC. Netsparker offers features of automation, transparency, accuracy, scalability and security.


Vipre provides cyber security solutions for personal and professional use.
For enterprise security, it provides data security and privacy, as well as real-time email and terminations. Provides layered protection for your companies and partners. Supports Windows and Mac platforms.


Lifelock is a tool to control personal thefts and threats. LifeLock’s Norton 360 provides general protection for your privacy, device, and online privacy. It is a platform for cyber threat, detection, warning, capture and delivery.
Fixed theft of personal information with the help of personal healing agents. It pays the stolen money up to the limit of your plan.

Bitdefender Total Security

To protect your privacy and personal information online, BitDefender offers features such as complete security, file infringement, social media security, personal data protection, risk assessment, and online banking security. 24 * 7 is fully supported. It can counteract fishing and piracy.


Malware Bites provides cybersecurity solutions for homes and businesses. It also protects against sophisticated online threats that antivirus software doesn’t recognize. It supports Windows, Mac and Android devices, iOS, Chromebooks.

For businesses, it offers a variety of products and services, such as endpoint security, event response, etc. These solutions are available for the education, finance and healthcare sectors.


Mimecast is a cloud-based platform that gives you email security and cyber flexibility. It offers many products and services such as security, privacy, cyber security, cloud services and more.


CIS means the centre of cybersecurity. It offers a variety of tools, services, security and membership. Provided by CIS SecureSuite for commercial use. CIS security tools include CIS monitoring and CIS standards.


Snort is an open-source platform. This is a program to prevent network attacks. Supports FreeBSD, Fedora, Centos, and Windows platforms. The network can transmit packets and data to the screen.


Wireshark Network Protocol Analyzer is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, NetBSD and others. It has a standard browser with 3 windows. You can analyze photos directly and offline.


Cloud-based Webroot platform. Computers, Macs and mobile devices can be protected. It offers a solution for use at home, in the home office, in companies and with partners. It supports Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platforms.

Norton Security

With the Norton Life Lock, the Norton 360 offers an all-in-one solution. The company provides antivirus, virus removal; Malware protection; Provides cybersecurity software such as cloud backup password manager and secure VPN.

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