8 Salient Features of Spa Management App

Spas today are dealing with an intense competition where their survival is a big challenge for them. So, spas today have to shift their attention towards being digital from paperwork. Because optimizing technology means meeting their client’s expectations for them. Meeting clients’ expectations, in turn, means initiating the growth of a business. Clients love to have instant access to the service and the infinite information. Furthermore, they love it if the information would be at their fingertips without any burden on the brain. Now, clients have a vast option to choose from, so power is in their hands. So, to simplify the process of meeting clients’ expectations spas should use Spa Management App. It will assist in meeting the client’s expectations and also act as major support for staff.

Spa software has brought a revolution in the spa industry. But the availability of an app has raised the chances of making a firm place in the spa industry. The features of the management app ensure happy clients, staff, and a well-developed bottom line. This surety only seems fake to those who don’t want to understand the miracles of an app.

Miraculous Features of Management App:

These features are a convenient source of meeting raised expectations of clients. Moreover, ease the burden of staff to a great extent. To understand the functions of the app better let’s divide it into two parts apps for customers and apps for staff.

·        Customer App Salient Features:

1.    Profile Management of Clients:

The clients are free to access their per4sonal information at their ease. Whenever they feel, they can edit any aspect of their information. They can have a view of their membership details and the benefits which spas are offering to them. Moreover, they can have a deep view of the bookings and purchase history. If there are any pending forms and waivers, clients can avail them whenever they feel free. So, customers can manage their credentials from a mobile location.

2.    Frictionless Experience of Checking Out:

The checkout experience from classes or memberships has never been so easy and fast. The fastest pace of check out also increases the pace of sales. Spa Management App gives a great user experience to the customers which customers don’t want to miss. This looks so good on all mobile and tablet devices.

3.    Services Booking:

It keeps the booking channels open for the clients around the clock. Clients use an app to reserve their slot in the class and the app manages all bookings seamlessly. No doubt you are empowering customers by giving them a facility of an app.

4.    Forms And Waivers Option:

This software provides templates to design attractive forms and waivers for customers. Clients would love to have them on-page in an attractive way. Therefore, staff has to spend less time on tedious tasks and can focus on necessities.

5.    Cancellation And Reschedule Option:

You with ease can create cancellation, reschedule, and no-shows policies of a spa. This will reduce the expectancy of all three errors to a great extent.

·        Staff App Salient Features:

6.    Sole Scheduler:

Staff can view their schedule at one centralized location in Spa Management App. The presence of the calendar makes it easy for them to understand the daily schedule. The filter portal availability allows filtering among positions, staff, activities, and room. So, in short, you can call it an easy way to visualize routine, making, and managing the business plan.

7.    Management Of Spa Services:

It adds the list of the attendees against a specific service. The staff has an option to mark the status of each client. They can update that which customer is present or who hasn’t shown up. The software treats customers next time according to the status that staff has updated.

8.    Tracking Of Time and Attendance:

The time and attendance tracking has become so easy because of the integration facility.  integration facility. You can collect that information by integrating the attendance tracking device with software. It enhances the security of the salon and also eliminates the use of outdated tracking systems. It has become so easy to monitor the absence or late arrival of clients. Clients love that kind of ease for entrance and an increased security level. The daily tracking allows you to find loyal customers so, that you make better strategies to retain them.

Final Words:

The world in which we live is now not leaving a space to breathe for slow pacers. Therefore, Wellyx is paving the way for all who want to breathe in intense competition. The use of the management app is accurately meeting staff needs and customer expectations. Both of them are necessary to meet the goal you have set for your spa. Survival becomes the fate of only those who are ready to change with time. The shift to technology has now become a necessity for every spa to get successful.

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