9 FAQs for Employee Time Tracker Software You Are Investing In

Time management tools for business are relatively new in technology and currently widely used during the pandemic situation when most of the workforce of different businesses is working remotely. It is also noticeable that the steady increase of this type of application is now in trend. And if you are running a business and working with a remote team, then you will have to get on board with a tool like this. In this blog, you will find 9 FAQs for Employee Time Tracker Software You Are Investing In

Time Tracker for Employees

Companies are currently integrating a time tracker for employees in their devices and network which offers the project owner or the lead to get a complete glimpse of the whole project. It also enables them to see and track every employee’s activity and his or her performance. Accurate billable hours can be calculated with this type of software.

So, if you are considering getting employee time tracking software like Know YourDay, then you need to take a look at the FAQs of these tools to get a more detailed idea.

9 FAQs for Employee Time Tracker Software You Are Investing In

What is Employee Time Tracker Software?

It is one of the FAQs for Employee Time Tracker Software. Employee time tracking software is the computer application that enables the project leads to monitor and track the time, that employees take to complete a project. Whilst the basic time tracker is used only to track time used for a project, the time tracker and employee monitoring tools will tell you how efficient your resources are, and where to improvise to get better results.

How Does This Work?

Time tracker software is deployed in the devices or the network of the employees. This software comes with a dashboard that will offer the project owner or the lead to see the progress of the project, the performance of each department and individual employees. This also offers you a glimpse into better time management by minimizing the time taken for each task, that have no output in terms of productivity, whilst enhancing efficiency.

What about the Security?

Whilst deploying a time tracker for employees, most businesses face challenges. This is the time when you need to tell the employees that their data will remain safe and private. The right kind of software doesn’t capture keystrokes and screenshots. They also don’t monitor the emails. Ensuring your workforce about uncompromised security and privacy is important for successful deployment of the software.

Is It Good for the Remote Team?

As mentioned earlier, the current situation and the pandemic have forced many employees to go back home and work from there. That is why businesses are quickly adapting to the work-from-home module. When your team is working remotely from different corners of the globe, this remote working software can track their progress and time management for the business. To deploy the software, you don’t even need to have the device. The whole operation and deployment can be done with just one link.

How The Software Can Benefit Employees?

Companies work on projects and their rewards. So, when the software is monitoring your team, it gives the project owner or the company boss the accurate billable hours. As a result, the payment of the employee remains transparent. They can get paid for the time they work. With efficient tracking, unnecessary lagging can be identified too. The project lead, stakeholders and the company management can get to know which employees and teams have performed remarkably. This makes rewarding them easier.

Can We Detect Unusual Activity?

Yes, with the help of time tracker and employee monitoring software, the company can detect unusual activities from the employees. If any unpaired and unidentified USB drive has been inserted or any unusual file transfer happens, the software will detect it easily.

What is the On-Boarding Process?

When it comes to on boarding the software, you don’t need to have access to the device. This can be done by just sending a link to the employee. So, even if your workforce is remotely working, they can easily implement the time tracking app while you can monitor their work and progress. This makes it very easy to manage the project and the deadlines.

Can It Forecast Project’s Progress?

There are many different benefits of using time tracker for employees. One major benefit is that it will forecast the project deadline for you. With the application, you get AI analysis. This will monitor the work and create a pattern. Using the same pattern, it will forecast the progress of the new project which will be helpful for your operations.

What about the Pricing?

The preconceived notion about the pricing of employee monitoring applications is that they are expensive and not worthy enough for smaller teams and businesses. However, this is not true. You can get different packages from the reputed applications that will be affordable by you. This is certainly the worth of money.

So, as you can know about these FAQs regarding time tracking and employee monitoring software, what are you waiting for? Find the right option and get the demo today.

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