Sar Pass Trek: Perfect Spot For A Vacation

The Shivalik range’s Sar Pass is one of the most popular paths. Sar is called a lake in the local dialect. Sar Pass is a fairly difficult trip in Himachal Pradesh’s Parvati Valley, located at an elevation of 14000 feet. It is a wonderful introduction to high altitude hiking. This trip is very well-liked among Indian hikers. Sar Pass valley looks out over the magnificent Parvati valley, which is rich in natural resources. Snow-capped mountains, perennial streams, waterfalls, and lush green woods surround the valley. For every daring tourist and nature lover, it is the seventh heaven.

About the trek

Kasol is the starting point for the Sar Pass trek. Snow-capped mountains, a moderate environment, and beautiful pine woods surround it. In the first and final rays of sunshine, it recalls the splendour of molten gold. Seeing the sunset or dawn from this vantage point is really breathtaking. The majority of the hiking paths in the Parvati valley begin in Kasol. It is also known as India’s Little Israel. So Kasol serves authentic Israeli cuisine as well as Indian, Continental, and other cuisines. Kasol is close to the Manikaran, a Hindu and Sikh sacred pilgrimage site. Manikaran is also home to well-known hot water springs. The peaceful fields along the route are breathtaking.

The route to the camp is moderately difficult, although it becomes steep near the finish. The camp is located in the little town of Grahan. It’s just as lovely as its forerunners. Grahan is an old village surrounded by rhododendron trees with traditional Himalayan homes. After Grahan, the rise is steep and difficult. Walking at a slow and steady pace is recommended for proper acclimatisation. The next campground is Minh Thach, where people used to graze their animals.

Then we arrived at Nagaru, the last camp on the way to Sar Pass. Because of the strong winds and chilly nights, it’s a freezing location. The sight of Sar pass, after a long and difficult trip, appears to be an illusion in its beauty and energy.

Views and experience

The vista from the summit of the Sar pass of Himalayan peaks and meadows is breathtaking. Through rhododendron woods, the fall to Bishkeri is gentle. Bhishkeri is a beautiful meadow campground with a variety of flowers and birds. Spending a night here might help one to feel rejuvenated. It’s a thrilling downhill terrain from Bishkeri to Barshaini through beautiful green trees. The twin settlements of Pulga and Tulga will pass by on the route. Then cross the Parvati River and ascend for a while till you reach Barshaini’s road head. To get to Manikaran, use the bus or a cab. From here, you may go to your favourite destinations.After all, trekking is as much about the pleasures of isolation and stillness as it is about establishing lifelong connections. If you want to accomplish this journey without the hassle of scheduled departures, book with one of the local operators in the Great Wide Open Adventure Travel Network and cross the Sar Pass with just your companions. Every year, the path is open from April until October.Sar Pass Trek is a great place to start trekking because of its various terrain and natural beauty.

The path travels through dense forests, beautiful green meadows, quaint towns, and snow-capped mountains in the background, all of which are breathtaking.

Sar Pass Trek amid the beautiful landscape of the Parvati valley is full of thrill and adventure offering a choice of experiences for hiking enthusiasts. The journey begins at Kasol, a paradise for trek enthusiasts from all over the world. There are many gorgeous hotels in town and many wonderful restaurants, all of which are from budget hotels to high-end ones. Sar Pass Trip is the best location to start your trek if you are searching for something exciting and yet simple.


Food Availability in Sar Pass

You receive tea while you are on the walk, but the crucial food is for the rest of the trek.



Sar Pass Trek provides the hikers with no suitable lodging. Most travellers have sleeping bags and tents for themselves.



You have numerous clean water alternatives throughout the route from the rivers. The tap water is also accessible at other stations. However, while the replenishing option is available it is advised that water is stored properly.

Tips and techniques General

  1. Make sure you wear warm garments regardless of the time in which you travel.
  2. Carry and always prepare your own trekking appliances and supplies.
  3. Carry your normal medicines and a medical aid kit on your journey.
  4. A decent hiking pair of shoes is an obligation.
  5. Carry rain gear regardless of whether you’re travelling in the rain.
  6. Make sure that you get all the permissions you need for hiking in the region well in advance.
  7. Make sure you are carrying the camera’s replacement batteries and film roll as there is no power supply.
  8. A well-informed and experienced guide is very necessary and ensure that anything minor may be sorted out well beforehand


How to get to the Sar Pass

The nearest rail station to Kasol is Kiratpur. There is a base camp around 215 kilometres away. You may rent a cab or drive on the bus.

Route: There are numerous bus services that go from Delhi and Chandigarh to Bhuntar if you wish to get to the base camp on the road. There are additional buses to Manikaran, located five kilometres before Casol, where you may get to the last destination with a taxi and bus. When you get to Bhuntar, though, hire a taxi or catch a bus ride to arrive at Kasol, located approximately 30 kilometres from here.

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