Effective Time Management Tips for competitive exams

Time management is one of the principal steps for ensuring positive results in government exams. Time plays a significant role for candidates in two ways: Firstly, during the preparation period and then on the day of the exam. Sometimes candidates think they have ample time for exam preparation and they end up frittering their valuable time. When you don’t manage your time properly for exam preparation, you may not be able to complete the exam syllabus on time. It can make you feel nervous and anxious. If you want to save yourself from exam stress, manage your time properly. In this article, we have given some Effective Time Management Tips for competitive exams

A majority of candidates make a timetable for exam preparation. But, not all of them follow that timetable. Note that adhering to a timetable is as important as making it. Graduates in India usually appear for banking exams, SSC CGL exams, defense exams, etc. 

Effective Time Management Tips for competitive exams

Amp up your efficiency with proper time management and give your best in upcoming government exams:

Are you preparing for the upcoming government exams? If yes, then make sure you are following a systematic routine for exam preparation. 

Prepare a proper exam preparation strategy

You need to make a solid strategy for exam preparation. Make sure you are not copying the preparation strategy of others. Probably, their preparation strategy may not prove beneficial for you. So, it’s better to create a unique exam strategy for yourself that is suitable for you. You need to calculate the time you have for exam preparation then prepare a timetable according to that. Also, you can alter your exam strategy frequently to prepare perfectly for the exam. Note that effective planning can ensure boundless success. It is one of the best Effective Time Management Tips for competitive exams

Prioritize your exam preparation

Candidates need to know that there’s nothing more important than exam preparation for them. They can’t waste their time over activities that don’t contribute to exam preparation. Therefore, you need to prioritize exam preparation over everything else. Also, when you find a tough concept while studying, give more time to it. You can keep easy subjects/concepts for the end. But, never try to overlook easy topics. Cover each and every topic of the exam. It can aid in improving your overall scores in the government exam.

Attempt online mock tests

Solving online mock tests can help you simulate the experience of the actual exam. Moreover, you’ll be able to improve your speed and accuracy for solving questions. So, make time to solve as many mock tests as you can. It can boost confidence in you to appear for the government exam. There are several websites that provide online mock tests for candidates. Do you know the best part of a mock test? These tests are designed as per actual exam pattern and syllabus. Also, you can practice every type of question in these mock tests. You will learn how to manage time while attempting the actual exam.

Never stretch your short breaks

It is very important to take short breaks while preparing for the exams. Some candidates extend the time of their break. This way they are unable to complete their targets for the day. If you also do the same, stop doing it. You won’t be able to complete your exam syllabus on time. How will you get time for revision if you’ll not complete the exam syllabus on time? So, never stretch the time of your short breaks beyond 20 minutes. Follow your timetable religiously, if you aim to crack the exam and secure a government job.

Start your preparation as early as possible

Ideally, you should start exam preparations at least 3 months prior to the exam date. You will have enough time to prepare for every subject of the exam. This way you’ll be able to take control of your time. When you start preparations early, you’ll be left with enough time for revision and practice. For sure, you will feel confident after revising the exam syllabus and practicing a variety of questions. Never assume that preparing a month before the exam can bring you desirable results.

Focus on answer accuracy

Never forget, there is negative marking in most government exams. So, try to work on the accuracy of your answers. You might be thinking, how to do that? Here are some tips and tricks to improve the accuracy of your answers:

  • Solve maximum sample papers
  • Practice some previous year question papers
  • Clear your basics in every subject
  • Learn some short tricks to solve the questions

Practicing enough questions is the key to improving the accuracy of your answers. If you are unable to improve the accuracy of answers on your own, then seek help from a desirable source. Are you preparing for the SSC exams? If yes, then link with an eminent institute that provides SSC coaching in Chandigarh.


These are some of the suitable tips that can help you use your time optimally while preparing for the government exams. We hope this article can help candidates in cracking the government exam in a single go.


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