How to Stay Healthy While Preparing for Defence Exams?

The defence forces are venerated with the status of ‘superhero’. Do you know why? Because they protect the people of the nation by keeping their life at stake. They are strong combatants who are committed to their country. Every year millions of youngsters aim to join the Indian defence forces and serve their motherland. Let us tell you, joining the defence forces is an uphill battle. You need to crack the written exams as well as the SSB interview. To prepare for the defence exam perfectly, you need to maintain good health. It can help you focus properly while studying for the exam. Also, you’ll be able to clear physical efficiency tests easily. In this article, you will know How to Stay Healthy While Preparing for Defence Exams

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How to Stay Healthy While Preparing for Defence Exams?

Here we bring you some soulful tips for staying healthy while preparing for defence exams:

As a defence aspirant, you should know how to maintain good health while preparing for the exam. Do you want to know some simple ways to maintain good health? If not, then read the points jotted below.

Eat balanced diet

You need to eat a balanced diet in order to keep yourself healthy. Here are some diet tips for candidates preparing for defence exams:

  • Eat a protein-rich breakfast. It can aid in keeping you active for a whole day. Never skip your breakfast. Also, avoid eating fried food for breakfast. Some suggestions for breakfast are Mocha banana protein smoothie bowl, jumbo chickpea pancake, chickpea scramble breakfast bowl etc. 
  • You can eat seasonal fruit during the day. 
  • Before going to bed, eat light food. You can choose to have soup or you can have a sandwich. 

We would suggest you eschew junk food while preparing for the exam. It can cause some serious health issues. Therefore, it is always better to eat home-cooked food. 

Avoid caffeinated drinks

Some candidates have the habit of drinking coffee/tea after waking up in the morning. For sure, it can fill you with the energy to stay active the whole day. But, it can severely damage your liver. So, instead of drinking coffee/tea, you can choose to drink 8 glasses of water each day. Drinking enough water can help you in staying active for a whole day. Also, drinking enough water can aid in removing toxins from your body. 


Relax your mind by taking short breaks

You can take short breaks to relax your mind. Studying continuously can make you feel tired really soon. So, take short breaks after every 2 hours. It can help you maintain focus easily. We would advise you to never extend your short breaks beyond 20 minutes. This way you won’t be able to complete your exam syllabus on time. While preparing for the AFCAT exam, it is important to take short breaks for better preparation. Do you need help while preparing for the AFCAT exam? If yes, then link with an ideal institute that provides AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh.

Get a good night’s sleep

Do you think sacrificing your sleep during exam preparation is beneficial? If yes, then you are completely wrong here. A sleep-deprived person can never concentrate while studying for the exam. Therefore, it is essential to have a quality sleep of at least 7 hours a day. Here are some easy ways to maintain the quality of your sleep:

  • Take a bath before going to sleep.
  • Stretch your muscles before sleeping.
  • Diffuse essential oils in your bedroom. Some of the effective essential oils that improve the quality of your sleep are lavender,  rosemary, patchouli and orange. 
  • Switch off all digital devices at least 1 hour before going to sleep.

Exercise daily

Exercise daily, whether it’s going to the gym or going for a walk.  It can increase blood flow to your brain. Also, you will stay active for a whole day. You will have less body pain. Therefore, it is better to make time each day for exercising. You can choose to exercise during early morning hours or late evening hours. Note that exercising daily can make you capable of clearing physical efficiency tests to enter the Indian defence forces.

Practice meditation

It is observed that people who meditate daily have good health in comparison to those who don’t meditate regularly. You can devote at least 10 minutes daily to practising meditation. It can help in clearing your mind. Moreover, you will not get health issues like migraines, severe headaches. You’ll be able to fight anxiety and depression easily.

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Follow the above tips staunchly, if you want to stay fit while preparing for the defence exams. Remember, defence forces will never select a candidate who is physically fragile. Therefore, maintaining physical fitness is equally important as cracking the exam.

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