Foods good for diabetic patients & heart diseases

Yogurt has been used up by humans for hundreds of years. It’s very nutritious, and regularly eating it may boost…

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Top 5 dry fruits for good health

Most dry fruits are rich sources of proteins, minerals, fiber as well as vitamins. In addition, they are tasty and…

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Nutritional importance of fruits in human diet

In the human diet, fruits played a most significant role  They have a wide range of essential vitamins and nutrients…

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What are the best fermented foods to eat?

Nutritional value of meat-based and fruit-based fermented foods: Fermented foods are those foods that have undergone the process of fermentation…

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4 Most delicious food recipes in the world

Pakistani, Indian, and Chinese foods are unbelievably tasty and are rich in nutrients and taste and packed full of spice.…

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Top 10 most nutritious foods in the world

What is Protein: Nutritious foods are very necessary for the healthy growth of the individual. Protein is mainly a macronutrient. It…

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