How Plastic is harmful for our environment?

Global warming and climate change have become a concern of worldly nations. Some are trying to cope with it and failed, some are still striving to fix it by making strict policies and their implementation. The major drawback of using plastic is increasing pollution. The World is Focusing on Paper Bags Due to Pollution. Today is to address how plastic bags are destroying the earth with interesting facts you could not have read before. And how plastic is harmful for our environment.

The Interesting Facts to Know about Plastic Pollution:

I’m listing down the facts, that you could not have read before about how plastic is destroying the world. Our nature is completely compromised and that will cause disastrous reactions around the world.

How Plastic is harmful for our environment?

Although not directly linked with Plastic pollution, but the world nowadays is facing the biggest crisis in history. Coronavirus has touched every nook of the world and taken more than a million lives. The first wave of the pandemic has ended, and the second has just started and it is said that it will be impacting the world more than the previous one. Unless the vaccine would be discovered, this crisis will never let us go without big losses. Travel all over the world is banned, flights are grounded and countries are locked down. Sitting at homes, you and I at least could think of the loss we have done to earth contributing to polluting it badly.

How the Food and Packaging industry is Greatly responsible?

The food and packaging industry is greatly responsible for consuming plastic massively. Keeping aside the food industry, if we only take a look over the packaging company, just search how much plastic is been consumed in the packaging plants in the world. You will be amazed to know that this industry is exploiting nature so badly. But as of today, the world is thinking differently.

CPP Boxes being my permanent vendor of boxes guide me on how they are using zero percent plastic in their production and how recyclable items they consume in the production.

Do You know How much Plastic American Use per Year?

Studies show that Americans use more than 100 billion plastic bags in a year. That is disastrous. You are among those Americans who are responsible for destroying nature. But now, the American government is focusing on banning plastic and introducing paper bags in the market. But what will it make a difference?

Difference Between Plastic and Paper Bags:

This is common knowledge that plastic bags are inexpensive and paper is expensive due to some reasons. But this is for the time and set standards. The thing you have to know that plastic bags are much more difficult to decompose than paper bags. Paper bags are somehow recyclable and very easy to recycle to the other things. You will amaze to know that plastic bags are a real threat to wildlife, sea life. When you will use paper bags, you will do them a favor to live freely. The government is to bound the people to take care of these things.

The Curse of a Plastic:

The curse of plastic is that it causes carbon emissions in the air in its production and decomposition too. The carbon made by plastic causes cancer in many ways that can be avoided by imposing to the people to use paper bags in the supermarkets and their homes. This is how Plastic is harmful for our environment?

Keep Cotton Bags instead of Paper bags:

Paper bags are the safest option instead of using cancer in the air, the plastic bags. But the more good option is to keep the cotton shopping bags at home and use them to buy vegetables, fruits, and groceries. Even don’t use plastic in eating out in restaurants and fast foods. The cotton bags are used and can be reused after a wash. It means you can use them for a long time and there is no need to waste them.

If you are running a business in the United States, you could have known that paper bags are the norm in the country. I’m running a bakery store and order customize paper boxes for the bakery items. The take-out is challenging but there are many safe boxes made of a material other than plastic that can carry your items and deliver your products to your customer. There are many types of paper or card boxes in the market to use. Not only the bakery items but the groceries can be kept in the safe card boxes nowadays. And it is not rocket science. Simply use the internet and search for the packaging box manufacturers. There are dozens of online vendors that are offering hundreds of safe material boxes for your products.

Use paper bags and save nature – As America is first for us, the safety of the country and earth should be more important.

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