Why we celebrate world Hijab Day?

World Hijab Day

Precious things are said to be covered. When we give presents to people we cover it up in an elegant manner so that they may not get dirt or their beauty might not affect. The woman is also one of the most beautiful creatures of Almighty in her existence. That’s why Almighty has ordered the woman to cover herself from head to toe. So that she might not get the color of this ostentatious world. This protection from the world and strangers includes safeguard in whole. Safeguard of intentions, safeguard of actions, safeguard of eyes, safeguard of hands, safeguard of feet, safeguard of voice, safeguard of expression, safeguard of laughter, and last but not the least safeguard of thoughts. In this article, you will know why we celebrate world Hijab day and why Hijab is important for Muslim girls.

Why we celebrate World Hijab Day?

Every religion has its own teachings to protect her woman but in a diverse way. The main thing that matters is a character that should be as solid as rock. In this matter, no religion compromises for both genders male and female. Because morality is somehow present everywhere depends on them they follow it or not.

Helen Keller who was a great woman at the age of 19 months lost her hearing and sight. Ann Sullivan taught her how to read and under her guidance, Keller learned to speak. Keller was a graduate. She was an author, political activist, and lecturer. According to Helen Keller,

“Vision is more important than anything”. It means the inside sight of the intention of an individual is more worthed than eyesight.

Mother Teresa was an Albanian Catholic nun. She spreads the teachings of love as she was a saint. She got Nobel Peace Prize for her honorary services. Mother Teresa says ” Be faithful in small things as in small things your strength lies”.

Big acts are ostentatious while small are the hidden ones that please a person.

History of Pakistan and Hijab

Media is a platform that demands show-off to beat. In Pakistan, there are very few females who wear hijab in electronic media. Asma Sherazi is an influential name in the media industry. She has been covering her head and carrying hijab since 2000 till the present. She is a commentator and journalist, winner of the 2014 Peter Mackler Award of Courage and Ethical Journalism.

Massart Misbah proves that you can look fabulous at any age and her simple dropped dupatta is a minimalist yet chic pin on the hijab. Pakistani Celebrity Sadia Imam, Urooj Nasir a well-known host, actress, and model, Sana Chaudhary, and Satesh Khan started carrying hijab after a change of marriage took place in their life.
All the above-mentioned women were powerful women but their hijab is their identity and pride as well and the non-Muslim one’s power was their strong character. Both things are as necessary and vital for a strong and complete application of hijab as safeguard and protection.

A woman is said to carry a hijab. But a woman who is not carrying a hijab both are respected and valued. because both are human and respect is a right of every human. Hijab is safety, protection and a woman who carries a hijab is obeying Allah Almighty’s order and following the Sunnah of Respected Wives and Daughters of Our Holy Prophet ( blessings and peace be upon him).

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