How to keep heart and brain healthy?

We will discuss different scenarios here about heart and brain health and how you will make it young throughout the end because older age declines everything in both cases heart and the brain. This article is just a startup for you guys that how you look younger from physically and from the inner of yourself but conversation will not stop here because we have a lot to discuss within the perimeters of heart and the brain. Here you’ll know How to keep heart and brain healthy

How to keep heart and brain healthy?

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) research and experiments most of the Americans and other races never dissolves themselves in physical activity. Amount of physical fitness is very less among them so to avoid this physical fitness or exercises are must on daily basis or routine at least 30 to 45 minutes minimum. People are too lazy because of their hectic routine of work and after that they only lie on their couch for a sleep and eating too much fast food which makes them a lot ill and lazy even in working hours.

Some working tasks also involves physical activities that’s why some of among us are fit due to that hard physical works and some even don’t have time for a 5 minutes exercise . They only make excuses for avoiding physical activities or they love their daily routines more than that.

By days passed we move to the older age where then you will be dependent to someone else either on your child son or a daughter and wife.

You may have heard of all of these phrases, and they have the same meaning a lifestyle in which sitting too much and lying down is too little exercise. In our free time, we often sit down using a computer or other device, watching TV, or playing video games.

How to keep heart and brain healthy?

Now come to the heart and brain side which runs the proper functionality of our body throughout our lives. Heart beats means u r live and while doing any task or taking any decision regarding that.

Even more serious: Many adults do not get any activity at all, plus they need to build up throughout the day. And as we get older, more and more of us stop moving. About 23% of adults between the ages of 18 and 44 are adults. For those 65 and older, that’s about 32 percent.

Although you know that long-term inactivity weakens your bones and muscles, you may not realize that it can also damage your heart and brain. This, in turn, increases your risk of dementia and heart disease, among other conditions, and can lead to early death.

How exercise benefits the heart?

As you progress into middle age, your heart slowly begins to weaken. Its walls become thicker and less flexible, and your arteries harden. It increases the risk of high blood pressure and other heart problems including heart attack and heart failure. And if you’re sitting, the risk is even greater.

How to maintain good health in old age?

If you are a chain smoker then your heart will be destroyed because of this bad habit. This is one of the biggest issue now a days in probably all persons and due to which heart diseases are increasing day by day. Exercise will make your heart beat fast and opens the blood regulation more than that and your body will use the required oxygen for better respiration system. The more you exercise the more powerful your heart will be and all the vessels of the body will expand and works better than before. This will help you in maintain low blood pressure and you will be saved from many new emerging heart diseases.

For heart stability your cholesterol level should be balanced and proper diet will never let you down if you are healthy enough otherwise your digestion system will be damaged and stomach problems starting occurs which also effects the heart in one way or another.

How exercise and other physical activities benefits the brain?

What’s good for your heart is generally good for your brain and research shows that regular sweating can improve brain health in many ways.

Exercise is also good for health because this will boost your memory and other functions like managing your emotions and controlling tasks. Through exercises or other physical curricular activities your performance will become better and better and your capacity of doing tasks will be enhanced.

Final Words:

At the end of this article I must say that heart and the mind needs physical activities on daily basis either by running or by a long morning walk. You can also pay someone to write your research paper if you have assigned a health topic on heart and brain in cheap rates. World health organization is there for you in suggesting the best activities for your health and diet so we should follow their schedule for this because if our minds are fresh and heart is active and pumping fast then we will perform and give our best in one way or other without slowing down.

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