Most Popular pages on Instagram 2024

There are millions of people who are active users of Instagram. They are posting as well as engaging people with images and videos every single day. Image-based apps have become more popular in this decade and according to an estimate, image-based content is somehow 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than any other content. But, not all image-based content gets this attention. We need to find out what type of pages or what type of content is popular on Instagram? Let’s have a look at certain types of pages that are more popular on Instagram than others. in this blog, you’ll find  Most Popular pages on Instagram 2021

 Most Popular pages on Instagram 2021

1: Food

Pages that are typically made for the reviews regarding food from different restaurants get the most attention on Instagram. Food pages never fail to get the attention of people and this is not just about Instagram it is about each and every platform that shows the content related to food items. The photos of delicious food inspire as well as attract people to like, share and comment on the posts. People are generally foody and they search for the most visited restaurants so that they can get more information about the quality of food that they are going to eat.

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2: Inspirational Pages

It has been observed that inspirational pages depicting inspirational quotes or stories regarding multiple things in life have the most followers on Instagram. The inspirational pages are one of the most popular pages on Instagram. They get a lot of people’s engagement and they are an amazing way to connect people together. Most popular among these inspirational pages are the fitness pages, business pages, and poetry pages that create a sense of amusement in people to achieve their goals like others in their life.

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3: Pages related to landscapes and scenery

As most of the social apps are flooded with selfies and fashion videos a calming and soothing landscape always stands out in the people’s feed. It is always a nice change from regular patterns of social media content. Even if you don’t have to do anything with outdoor activities or stuff, a sight of a beautiful landscape can make your day. These are the most popular pages among tourists who love to travel and explore different areas around the globe. These pages are also very helpful for the tourists as they provide information regarding those areas.

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4: Content containing animals images

This one is very obvious as people nowadays love keeping pets at their homes. People love looking at cute as well as funny pictures of pets along with their masters. A cute video clip of a mischievous cat can make your day instantly. Never ever before pictures of puppies or videos of cats and other animals have gained such importance or publicity. Animals pictures have 7: become the most popular content on Instagram in the past few years. Almost 3/4 of l members of a family are animal lovers and they love cute and emotional content related to animals.

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5: Behind the Scenes

Another thing that has now become most popular on Instagram is sharing behind-the-scenes images with your followers. Giving your followers a behind-the-scenes look into your business, art, craft, baking and many other things is somehow one of the greatest ways to show the human side of your company to your followers and gain their attention. In this way, they engage with you on your posts. And it creates great connections with people along with showing what’s happening in your kitchen.

6: Fashion

Fashion pages have taken everything under their influence. Fashion bloggers make and upload some amazing hacks that attract the attention of audiences around the globe. The fashion industry has a great impact on the lives of people. Either a girl or boy fashion page is followed by the whole society and has become immensely popular on Instagram along with other social apps. They gain the attention of the audience. And then they offer them huge discounts on multiple items to gather their attention on different occasions. Some fashion pages also do live sessions and people just love participating in the live sessions as they can see their favorite personalities face to face.

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7: Pages promoting photoshoots

Photographers have taken control of our lives nowadays. Whether it is a birthday party, a wedding or a normal home dinner’s people prefer photographers to take their pics and make these events memorable for them. In this way, photography pages have taken over social media platforms including Instagram. Among the most excessively visited Instagram pages include photography pages too. Photographers upload their work on their official pages, they use Instagram as a marketing platform for their photography. People browse Instagram to find interesting photography pages. It has now become a profession for most of the people around us and people are earning a good amount of money through their Instagram accounts.

8: Videos

Now Instagram has introduced the video-sharing option on its videos and has become more popular on Instagram. They capture the attention of the audience and therefore they are a great way to get people to linger over your posts and spend some time on your posts . In this way, you can gather the attention of people over your posts. Instead of scrolling down immediately people love spending time watching videos relating to skincare products, makeup tutorials, drama clips, and much more. Instagram provides another feature that allows you to see how many people have viewed your stories. And have an idea about how far you have come. All the business owners find it more convenient to post a video about the product. They are selling because it gives more information to the people and you don’t have to answer the questions in the comments section.

Since 2020 all these pages have become more popular on Instagram as hundreds of new people started joining Instagram on a daily basis during the lockdown. You can see that all these pages have the highest number of followers on Instagram

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