Problems faced by Female headteachers

There are various problems challenging female principals in school administration. Some of these factors are inherent in the misconstruction of gender and its dynamics. They perpetuate the widely accepted perception that males have inherent rights to absolute power and authority to lead. In this article, Some of the Problems faced by Female headteachers will be discussed. These problems have continued to pose serious leadership challenges to female leaders in and outside school management.

Problems faced by Female headteachers in schools

Problems related to Management

Management is one of the Problems faced by Female headteachers. The role of educational leaders like headteachers has the outdated administrative role of authority, power, and command. Firstly, there is a burden on management to enhance their skills. So that they will be able to handle the needs of the students and their ambitions in an assorted way.

As a consequence, school heads are excessively challenged in their roles and responsibilities. This will contribute to the management & administrative challenges faced by female headteachers at the school level.

Social and Cultural Problems

The social order and culture of the society disturb the status of females in society. The history of females in the workforce is linked with the assessment of their assistance & contributions towards the improvement and development of society.

The place of a person in a society largely depends on his or her roles as endorsed. Though, it seems that females are not righteously assessed and evaluated because of society’s inconsiderateness to their individualities. In the past women of Nigerian areas, were restrained to domestic title roles. Their women concentrate mostly on the development and nurturing of the children because of their patriarchal nature.

Leadership positions were usually dominated by males entirely where rarely women were found. Women’s roles scrutinized carefully by menfolk as they worked under the indirect and stern supervision of menfolk. Females who considered advanced and privileged or worked as promoters of change in radical history were well recognized and acknowledged.

Political practices that do not allow women to engage in outdoor activities

There are several outmoded political practices that do not favor the engagement of women in out-of-doors deeds and activities. The role of the Women’s housetrained that do not allow out-of-doors jobs of women like their leadership positions. In Africa, the consideration and factors that determine women’s social success lie in their capacity to perform their domestic role rather than their personal accomplishment. Society prejudices that create this kind of assessment of women’s success have persisted currently now a day. This typecast in role anticipation affects job prospects and recompenses given to women in labor markets.

Oram (1983) laid stress on this by asserting that there are 3 chief roles females. These roles are that; they have to struggle with, the role of a full-time working lady, spouse, or mother. Unvaryingly the chore of gratifying these roles is hard thus many Nigerian women administrators like school heads habitually feel stressed and scarce. Therefore, this offers the most challenging charge of female heads in controlling the conflict between domestic tasks and their communal duties.

Political intervention

Management is one of the Problems faced by Female headteachers. The learning method of Pakistan is fully discussed. In any situation, teachers are selected on the heart of the different political associations reasonably on merit. Teachers repeatedly work as political employees as a replacement for performing their practiced responsibilities.

Likewise because of political participation in the education segment, sometimes the recognized procedure of recruiting is destroyed. These administratively nominated unskilled teachers become lasting accountability for the frugality and a reason for the failure of the educational structure.

Unlawful advancements and policies in school

Moreover, their unlawful advancements and policy in schools hinder the educational growth in relations of excellence in teaching and knowledge as well as endanger the essence of management amongst the teaching communal. It is quite significant to remark here that sometimes instructors that do not listen to the transcripts of the administrative performers are severely penalized in social or monetary rapports and often shifted to distant regions. This nonappearance of expert liberty of educators has seriously influenced the point of success of their responsibilities. They labor with the smallest attention and inspiration.

Enlightening institutions in Pakistan are not unrestricted from policies. The purpose of educators is obvious by the civil statistics in the social order. For example, other experts who are working in different communal institutes. Unlawful advancement and policies in schools are one of the Problems faced by Female headteachers.

Political intrusion has worn both superiority and truthfulness of the learning system. Actually, educational establishments work as playgroups for the majority of partisan gatherings in Pakistan. For instance, in colleges and universities, governmental revelries have their student wings, vigorously tangled in broadcasting the program of their conventional partisan parties. This badly influenced the procedure of flat education.

In the schools, there are groups and families, based on political connotations, which express the happenings in the school’s atmosphere. Beneath these circumstances, teachers are not capable to work in concord and serenity. In these situations, teachers have no choice but to link with a group. This exercise has influenced their professional responsibilities. Political alliances in schools are reinforced by communal politics. These conditions in schools have shaped potential problems for teaching and education.

Problems Related to Accommodation and Facilities

Government, concerned department, and higher authorities do not bounce any housing accommodation for female school teachers. Female Teachers who sent, or transferred to far-off places; or out of stations usually suffer from the problem of accommodation and fortification there. Particularly female Teachers could not have sufficient money for rental charges, like for housing, etc.

Owing to this problem of non-availability of housing for female teachers in far-off places, resulting in a large rate of absenteeism and the teachers will not be able to perform their duties with meditation and contentment (Government of Punjab, 2004). Lodging is the foremost nuisance in the rigorous family life of female teachers.

Owing to the lack of lodging & housing, most of the, of the time of teacher is consumed in finding some lodging. It had witnessed that after finding an accommodation her subsequent transference is nearly due.

As a result of this teacher disturb to a great extent. It is witnessed that teachers that are transferred or posted in remote areas remain more anxious in return transfer to their nearest stations. This thing dishearteningly disturbs the performance of the female teachers which leads to uproar and mental distresses.

School teachers mostly do not provide residence-related accommodations by the higher authorities. Teachers who will send and transferred to distant or far-flung areas usually face difficulties regarding accommodation and lodging. With such low salaries which had given to them, teachers could not manage to pay for house rent and barely make their living. Teachers remain absent from their duties, due to non-assess ability of official lodging and do not accomplish their liabilities and responsibilities with full consideration and satisfaction (Government of Punjab, 2004).

Transfer Related Issues

The exercise of numerous transfers of teachers creates turbulences to the female teachers not only for themselves but for their families also, pupils also affected by this, the eminence of education as well as the learning process in the girls’ schools (Farooq, 1993).

Teachers in Pakistani institutes, at all times, remain at the sweet will of education colonels and school management. The transfers are being frequently done on the basis of partiality and preference. Due to this rehearsal, many teachers remain mentally anguish, disrupt, and pressurized.

Frequent transfer!

Frequent transfers to far-off places are done to penalize or punish the teachers who are defiant or may have an association with different political parties. Occasionally the novice teachers who are transferred to far-off places do not have enough time to adjust to a new environment. The exercise of repeated transfers not only creates disturbances and trouble for the teachers, themselves but also affects their families. This will also affect the instructional process and its quality in school (Farooq, 1993).

Untrained Staff Related Issues

The teaching profession requires a continuous update. In this respect, teachers should be quite conscious about the novice changes that taking place in the social order and around the world. Similarly, they essentially require being continuously updated with modern theories of education, exploration in the field of education, and other accumulation to the knowledge.

It has been perceived that teachers who are not professionally developing or do not possess essential professional skills and are not competent, enough to hold the diverse changes and challenges in the social order, and the whole world.  Conflicting to this professionally develop teachers who obtain the latest knowledge and develop their skills according to the requirement of the modern age could efficiently manage and accomplish the process of education. They could impart knowledge in a better way (Farooq, 1990).

Efficient teachers should be efficient learners. Though, the professional development and training for the professional development skills of educators are certainly given some suitable consideration in Pakistan. As a result of this, teachers are found feeble in resolving the problems of students. In Addition to this, it is perceived that pupils who complete their education in Public schools have deprived communication skills and often face difficulty in dealing with problems of natural life.

Firstly, In Pakistan, schools focus on memorizing knowledge and ideas to obtain good grades in examinations. Secondly, They do not possess proper logical, analytical, insightful, and critical skills such as teachers. This condition has inflated the whole degree of quality of instructional and educational processes in the country (British Council, 1988). Teachers who possess the necessary up-to-date knowledge and improve their own professional skills efficiently can successfully manage and accomplish the process of teaching and learning.

Problems related to corporeal learning resources

In school, the deficiency of help in the teaching and learning process in schools generates problems and complications in the teaching process. Various schools are deprived of basic accessories like blackboards, roll call registers, workplaces like offices, computer labs, libraries, latest books, and equipment. Particular schools even do not have proper classrooms. For the physical development of the teachers as well as the students no suitable playground is present in certain schools (Qureshi, 2002).

This will produce extra atrocious difficulties for teachers because they do not deliver the students the chance for development. Subsequently, teachers are anticipated to complete the courses in time. But, in the assumed circumstances and settings they flop to generate an evocative learning atmosphere in schools.

Male Clerical staff Related Issues

In certain female schools, one of the disturbing issues is related to male clerical staff members. Primarily there is scarcely clerical staff present in schools of females. If it is contemporarily present in schools then it is in the form of males. Anyone could familiar with the fact that females usually feel hesitation in dealing with males in societies, especially in Islamic society.

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