Top 5 scary urban legends you may heard of

Urban legends are often a mixture of humor and horror. While spooky urban legends seem absurd to some and hilarious to others, these types of stories have been around for decades. Legends of Loch ness monster, stairs in the woods, or the bigfoot appeal more to our curiosity, but these top 5 urban legends not only make us curious but also fill us with horror and dread. So, step back and enjoy them.

Top 5 scary urban legends

1- The white lady

We start with one of the most famous urban legends. This one is great because it comes in 50 different versions and in lots of different places. In short, we can meet the white lady all over the place. According to the version we find most often, the white lady is a young woman dressed in white who hitchhikes on the side of the road. If you take her in your car, she will remain silent but will start to panic and finally disappear when approaching a bend (the one where she would have lost her life.) If you decide to ignore her and not take her in. stop, then it is death assured in this turn. Morality, take a taxi or avoid the small country roads.

2- Bloody Mary

Legend has it that Mary was a young mother who committed suicide in her bathroom after losing her baby. Convinced that someone is behind the death of her child, she now haunts bathroom mirrors to kill the culprit. Anyone who would say “Bloody Mary” three times in front of their mirror and spin three times would then see Bloody Mary standing behind them. If the person adds “I killed your baby”, then they die when attacked by the ghost. Everyone who tried was found with their throat slit in front of their mirror. Well, that’s what they say.

3-The Grifter

Likewise, this video is very well known on the internet for one simple reason: those who watched it complained of having nightmares and going crazy, and others even committed suicide. None wanted to tell what was in the video because its content had traumatized them. Versions have been posted on YouTube, but they are different from the real version which makes you crazy, hard to find on the web. If you still want to give it a try, search for “the grifter” online, but we will have warned you.

4- The neighbor

A man had just moved into a residence. On the first evening, he heard a knock on his door. It was a neighbor who asked him if he could put her up for a night because her husband had hit her and she was afraid. As he could not refuse, he offered to sleep on the sofa. The next morning, when she woke up, the neighbor had already left. The second evening, she knocked again on his door. She asked him the same thing as the day before, and since she had new bruises on her face, the man agreed. The next morning, she was already gone when he woke up. And this scenario was repeated three more times. The man then wanted to go to the police station to denounce his neighbors’ husbands. There, a policeman, who didn’t look surprised, showed him a photo of the young woman whom the man recognized as being his neighbor. The policeman then told her that she had been killed a year earlier by beatings by her husband.


This story is one of the most told legends in Japan. A very beautiful and very vain young woman was married to an older samurai, and she was unfaithful to him. The day her husband found out; he slit her mouth open to her ears so that no one would ever find her beautiful again. Today, you can cross her when walking alone in a dark street. She approaches, the lower part of her face covered, and asks “do you find me beautiful?” ” If the person in front answers yes, she discovers her slit mouth and asks the same question: ” and now, do you find me beautiful? “If the answer is no, she kills the person on the spot. Now, If the answer is yes, she follows her victim home to stab her in the back on her doorstep or offers a blood-red ruby ​​to the lucky ones. In general, it is better to avoid crossing it.


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