5 Most Trending Celebrities on social media platforms

Celebrities have acquired social-media attention since the very beginning. People are often attracted to their lifestyle, clothing, Net Worth, and many other features. They spend most of their time on their Instagram handles. Their photos and videos become talk-of-the-town as soon as they upload them. People shower love generously on them. Besides the social-networking sites, people do search them online to get their questions answered. The Internet is flooded with most asked questions about celebrities and most searched celebrities. So, today we bring to you the top 5 most Trending Celebrities. Sit back and enjoy. 

1. John Edward Thomas Moynahan:-

The celebrity john edward thomas moynahan has been trending on the Internet and the reason for that is his father, who is a famous football player in the National football league (NFL). Yes, you guessed it right he is Tom. John’s mother Bridget is also a well-known model and actor in the Irish American industry.  John’s parents never really married and being the eldest son of Tom, he has always been the center of attention. So, you would be surprised to know that he doesn’t have an account on social media platforms yet trends on the Internet. 

2. Kanye West:-

Kanye West is a billionaire rapper who has been in the news headlines over time. He has been in the music industry for over a decade, which has given us several hits across the globe. Besides music, he has also been trending because of his bizarre rants, relationship with Kim Kardashian, and whatnot. Kanye invested his creative ideas into a billion-dollar empire called ‘Yeezy’, which rewarded him in becoming the Highest paid Hip-Hop artist in 2019 and the second richest celebrity in 2020.

3. Sheryll Berkoff:-

Who doesn’t know sheryl berkoff! She is an amazing makeup artist, jewelry, and interior designer. Besides her artwork being her identity, she is also well-known as the American actor Rob Lowe’s wife. She had been in the news not only for dating Rob Lowe, whom she later got married with but also working as an amazing makeup and hair artist for the movies like Renegades, Bad influence, The finest hour, The Vanishing,  Ghost in the machine, and several others. Her jewelry line ‘ Shery Lowe’ has over time made its place in the finest boutiques and is trusted and worn by many celebrities.

4. Adam Beach:-

Adam Beach has been trending on the Internet for a prolonged period. The Canadian actor has been starred in several amazing movies like Smoke Signals, Flags on our father, Bury my heart at wound knee, A thief of time, Suicide Squad, Hostiles, and Juanita. But the reason for his popularity on the Internet is also because of his marriage. He married three times and has three children. Summer Tiger, adam beach spouse, has a baby daughter, he had two children with his first wife and no children with his second wife. 

5. Kylie Kristen Jenner:-

Kylie Jenner has been a global talk since she starred in the famous television series ‘Keeping up with the Kardashian’s.’. She is the founder and owner of the cosmetic company Kylie Cosmetics. Her clothing line Kendall and Kylie gained a lot of attention and sales. Whether it is being featured on the music videos, their relationship with Tyga and Travis Scott, their friendship with Jordyn Woods, or her cosmetic company she has been making headlines and setting the Internet on fire. So, no wonder she is the most followed female on Instagram.


That’s all readers. I hope you enjoyed our topmost trending celebrities. There is a lot more to explore about them and thus, you can reach out to their social media handles to know more about them.

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