Five science- Fiction movies to watch

We as humans love out-of-the-world ideas and the possibility of experiencing those things makes it even more exciting. People have always admired science-fiction movies because it brings us one step closer to that possibility. It gives us a sense of pleasure that is moderately comforting in our busy lives.

Besides delivering mind-bending visuals, it also shows mind-blowing technological advancements, which keep people stuck to the screen. But people find it difficult to choose the right sci-fi movie to binge-watch in their leisure time. Not to worry readers, as we are here to ease this step by bringing our top five science fiction movies to watch this weekend.

1. Gayniggers:-

Gayniggers from Outer Space is a short film, coordinated by Danish and the performance actor Morten Lindberg. People have labeled the movie, as Homophobic rather than a sheer parody of the emotional enhancement of the extra-terrestrial beings. Its story revolves around a second galaxy gay individual from the planet named Anus, who visits Earth to make sure that the all-female population is vacated. 

Before they make their exit from the planet Earth, they leave a ‘Gay Ambassador’ to teach Earth living beings about their lifestyle. Binge-watch the movie to know how the earth-beings revolt back and who wins at the end. The Internet is flooded with jokes about the movie, one saying something like ‘Don’t google space movies 1992 on December 9′.

2. Jurassic Park:-

Jurassic Park is an amazing piece of art by Steven Spielberg featuring Sam Neil, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum. The movie brings you to a new adventure by not repeating the 90’s wonder of creating animal and human cloning but experimenting with the pre-historic creatures. 

The story of the film portrays humans messing with the forces of nature and reaping the cause for unpredictable chaos. It will take you on a thrilling adventure, as the dinosaurs acquire the big TV screens making them look like real creatures.

3. Inception:-

This Christopher Nolan movie will take you on a fascinating journey of the human subconscious mind leading into the physical environment. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Elliot Page, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. 

Interstellar is a psychological sci-fi thriller that will leave you in fits as the main characters of the movie try to extract information from their unconscious mind. The movie is a pure thriller embracing dream logic. 

4. Interstellar:-

Apart from exploring the human subconscious mind, Christopher Nolan returns to exploring the mysteries of space travel. The movie is an emotional journey between fathers and daughters. The male lead receives a message from his elder daughter that is caught up in a space mission, where time passes differently from the planet Earth and gives you a roller-coaster journey of emotions of a father for his children. 

The movie cast: Matthew McConaughy, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, and many other actors bring this excellent artwork into reality. Enjoy the amazing emo-journey with mysteries of Wormholes and much more at the soap2day app

5. Guardians of the Galaxy:-

Guardians of the Galaxy is an amazing art piece by James Gunn starring Chriss Patt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista. Besides being an amazing comic artwork, it is also a fantastic music-loving space movie. Guardian of the Galaxy is a marvel wonder, which is an integral part of future movies.

It has gained popularity over time because of choosing the characters that haven’t acquired mainstream popularity. The movie already has two volumes, which will leave you awestruck and by wanting the third volume. You can grab your next journey of the cosmic characters in the vidmate software


These are our top five science fiction movies to binge-watch this weekend. Do comment and tell us which among these is your favorite movie. Have an amazing weekend!

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