Why Muslims love Palestine?

If someone reckons that We love Palestine because of Arabs then he is at FALSE. So, why Muslims love Palestine? History exhibited to us that All the great people who defended and conquered Palestine were non-Arabs. Palestine is an Islamic state and also considered a country by UNO.

We love Palestine because of Qudus

We love Palestine because of Qudus. It was the first sacred direction(qibla) for Muslims. The affection of Jerusalem is because of The Holy Masjid Al-Aqsa. Masjid-e-Aqsa is a worthy place for all Muslims in the world. This is the reason why Muslims love Palestine?
I am very grateful to my father who told me about All these divine places and their history and then I also tried to read about them, History of Sultan Salah-ad-din, Ali bin Sufyan, Sultan Nur ud din and their efforts to reconquer Jerusalem in their life.

Life of Sultan Salah ad-din!

The life of Sultan Salah ad-din from the book of John Mann and Anayat Ullah gave an account of his hardships and efforts in defeating the crusaders. He was not doing these struggles for himself but for the love of Qudus. When he came to be the governor of Egypt, just at the age of thirty. His only dream was to move crusaders out of this holy land. He gave us an example to live for Islam, not for yourself.

Journey of Egypt

When he started his journey from Egypt, there were many obstacles for him. He often said that I would conquer Jerusalem easily if we didn’t have traitors among us. He didn’t come back to Egypt again in his life when he went to chase his dream. After the years of Heart-threatening journey, when Sultan Salah ad-din and his army were on the doorstep of Jerusalem city and Christian delegation came to him for any deal. It was Friday, 2nd October 1187. Soon a spy came to Sultan and Said that we have destroyed the west door of the city, and our army marched into the city and took control there. I remembered the historic words of the Sultan that he said to the Christian group.

“We have dominated the city, there would be no agreement between the victors and failures, Qudus is Ours, Qudus is ours”

And When he passed into the city, he forgave Christians and asked them to leave the city with a small amount of tax or they could live in the city also with peace. This was an example of Islamic generosity. He all did this because of his love for Palestine, and he always said that it is my Palestine.

Why Muslims love Palestine? We are Muslims, we have a love for every Muslim across the globe. It is our right to fight for our Muslim brothers. The Palestinian people also love us very much and so we also have to help them in their sufferings.

Why Muslims love Palestine?

Allah Almighty has rightly said in the Holy Quran

“”THE Muslims Are But One Union, So Make Concord, And Be Aware Of Allah So You May Be Shown Forgiveness ”  (Al-Quran 49:10)

Our historical leaders also love Palestine and proved the sentence “Ana Dammi Falasteini”. (My Blood is Palestinian) The Great Muslim writer Muhammad Ali johar wished to buried in Palestine and he was buried there in Jerusalem. This was his love for Palestine. Last year The Turkish President Tayyab Erodgan bravely explained the Palestinian issue in the General Assembly of UNO.

We have a special place for Palestine in our Hearts. When I listened to the name Of Palestine, my heart fills with love, and begins to pray for them. It is a remarkable place for Muslims because We Muslims sacrifices our lives for this land. Many died for this noble cause and they were not only Arabs. Sultan Nur ud din was an Oghuz Turk and killed by Fidaeen because of his passion to conquer Jerusalem and Sultan Salah ad-din was a Kurd who gave his life for this land. The last Ottoman Emperor Sultan Abdul Hameed even didn’t agree on giving a single piece of this land to Jews. So As we are Muslims, we should have Loved Palestine.

Islam is a geographical religion?

Islam is not a geographical religion, it is an ideological religion. A Muslim from the East is Equal to the one from the West and they are Brothers in Islam.
Today everyone knows that Israel gave difficulties to Palestinians. We have to pray for our brothers. Quaid e Azam also said that we would not recognize Israel because it is a dagger in the Heart of Muslim ummah.

An interview with Arab Media

A couple of weeks ago, In an interview with Arab media, Molana Ashraf Ali started weeping in answering the Questions that Do Pakistanis wanted to come to Masjid e Aqsa, he responded:

” If Allah wills, those times will come shortly when we’ll come to Masjid-e-Aqsa and that day is very near. We do not want to come here with the permission of this terrorist Israeli government, and we can come here by visa from Israel but our Pakistan government banned us to visit This terrorist country. We don’t need the visa of this terrorist state. But we will come to Palestine when it will become an independent country and we will take Visa from the Palestinian government.

If you want to know our feelings, we want that we come to Al-Aqsa the next minute and prayed there, we meet the Palestinian kids and people. But the view of Pakistan is acknowledged by everyone that we do not go to this holy land without the visa from the Palestinian Authorities and In Sha Allah, this day will come soon, this day will come soon when Palestine become independent and we will come to Al Aqsa to offer Salah with the permission of Allah Almighty, not the Israelis that are the murderer of Kids and Women. And one day will come when Palestine will be strong and become Independent”.

Pakistan is made in the name of Islam. It is the Castle of Islam and In Sha Allah, we Pakistanis will help our depressed brothers on every forum and will pray for them.

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