Feminism has gone too far

Feminism has become the bone of contention between men and women and the society we are living in is becoming anarchic day by day in Pakistan. Feminism has gone too far. The problem here is feminists claims are that they have been deprived of their rights in the society as a woman and their argument is true in its nature but the way they are portraying it becomes a threat to the men of the nation. As far as feminism in Pakistan is concerned, one thing to notice is it’s not a western society rather it is based on the idealogy of Islam. Now the point here is the majority or we can say 98% of feminists are Muslim in Pakistan.
So when claiming their rights they must have come across ISLAM as a religion. Because that’s where the religious scholars would defend their selves and curse those responsible for this march. Now we have read in our religion that women were used to be buried alive before ISLAM and ISLAM gave them the right to live, breathe, and even honored them with such high values.
There is a whole surah in QURAN about women and for the record, no gender is blessed with such dignity and honor.

Feminism has gone too far

The march might be for the good cause but the way the organizers are portraying it has a very lewd impression on everyone out there. They are clearly targetting males with their cliché slogans. I won’t be defending anyone rather I would just rationally unfold the true essence of feminism.
I would be addressing all the feminists out there. My question from you people is to consider a situation in Pakistan where a girl, without any reason slaps a male. Give me the percentage of males who would slap back. Now consider the same situation and just swipe the genders in your imagination. Give me the percentage of women who would slap back a male?
You would get the answer about who is deprived of their right in this society. When a male baby is born, he is groomed by telling him that he should never cry in public. He has to look after his sisters and respect women. He is strong and he has to carry the burden of his family one day. Now how many female babies have been told this in their childhood?
Women argue that we don’t want to cover ourselves up because it’s our body and we have a right to do whatever we want to have with our bodies. Ok, but who told u that covering yourselves up would make you slaves? Or it’s some male superiority dilemma? It’s because this country, society, ISLAM, and every single creation on this planet thinks that you are precious.

Precious things are said to be covered!

Have any of the readers seen a diamond out open in a street without being guarded properly? Why do u think money is kept in the banks and not on the roads? Why do u think jewelry shops are heavily guarded? Let me answer this WHY. Because all the precious things in this world are meant to be covered properly.
That is why the veil is essential in ISLAM both for men and women. What kind of equality a woman is seeking actually in Pakistan? Do they want to do jobs that require muscle power or extreme energy? Suppose all their arguments are fulfilled. Now imagine the chaos that would have been prevailed in the society. Are we ready for this?

Question Arises!

Are the parents ready to sent out their girls out open bareheaded in the society where an 8 years old rose petal was brutally raped and then killed? We admit that men have not been the best version of themselves up till now, but do u want them to realize their mistakes, or do u want to compete with them by sexually harassing males? I want to ask all these questions to all those who are of the view that feminist marches in our country are justified.
I have tried to be unbiased as much as I can. And this article doesn’t contain the stereotypical content of articles.
These are just some questions asked by a common man of your society. Another thing to notice is the funding raised for a march is not a child’s play. I want to ask those organizers that how much money you have spent on education, health, dowry, and jobs for the women if this is your concern then? The expected answer would be not even in thousands. The supporters can see where they are heading in the building of this society.

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