4 Best yoga for Slip disc and Sciatica

Sitting all day, working on a laptop or lifting heavy things has a direct effect on the waist bone. In medical language, it is called slip disc or herniated disc. Although physical activity is necessary to avoid this condition, yoga is considered the best option. With the help of yoga, not only can slip discs be avoided, but the patient suffering from this disease can also get some relief. In this blog, you’ll find 4 Best yoga for Slip disc and Sciatica


How is yoga beneficial in slip discs and Sciatica?

Doing yoga for slip discs can be beneficial. According to medical research published in this regard, then in this condition, heavy pain can be felt in the lower back. This pain can be reduced by doing yoga under the supervision of an instructor. Actually, yoga increases the flexibility and relaxation of the body, which can reduce lower back pain. This can give some relief to slip discs.


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4 Best yoga for Slip disc and Sciatica

There are different types of yoga asanas for slip discs, some of which we are talking about here. Do these only under the supervision of an instructor. These yoga asanas can definitely improve the condition of the patient, but it is not possible to cure the disease through this alone.

1- Ustrasana

Ustrasana can prove to be a good medium to get relief from slip discs. Actually, it is backward bending yoga, which can reduce lower back pain. In the condition of a slipped disc, there is more pain in the lower back. In such a situation, it can be believed that Ustrasana can cure slip discs. This is one of the 4 Best yoga for Slip disc and Sciatica


Process of Yoga:

  • First of all, sit in the position of Vajrasana by laying a yoga mat.
  • Now stand straight on your knees.
  • Then while taking a long breath, slowly bend backward and hold the right foot with the right hand and the heel of the left foot with the left hand.
  • In this state, the face will be towards the sky.
  • After coming into this posture, all the weight of the body should be on the feet and hands.
  • Stay in this posture for some time and keep breathing and exhaling regularly.
  • Then after a while slowly come back to the starting position.
  • You can do this yoga intermittently three to five times.



  • If someone has a hernia, then they should avoid doing this yoga.
  • Do not do this yoga in case of high blood pressure.
  • This asana should not be done if there is a lot of pain in the body.
  • Stay away from this yoga if you have a knee injury or pain.


2- Bhujangasana

The benefits of Bhujangasana for slip discs can be seen. This yoga can make the spine strong. Also, it can reduce back pain by stretching the lower and upper back. This can reduce the pain caused by slip discs.

 Process of Yoga:

  • To do Bhujangasana, lie down on your stomach by laying a yoga mat in a clean place.
  • Keep the head on the ground. Also, keep some distance between both feet.
  • Then bring your hands parallel to the shoulders and rest the palm on the ground. Now while taking a long breath, put pressure on the ground with both hands and slowly lift the upper part of the body till the navel.
  • In order to raise the body, first the head, chest, and finally the navel part will rise.
  • After coming in this posture, look towards the sky and remain in this position for some time.
  • At this time, the weight of the upper part of the body will be the same in both hands. Also, keep breathing regularly.
  • After that, while exhaling slowly, come to the starting position.
  • This happened one cycle of Bhujangasana. In the beginning, three to five cycles of this yoga can be done.



Bhujangasana should be avoided in the following situations:


  • Do not do this during pregnancy.
  • at the time of menstruation.
  • When there is a pain in the arms and hands and pain in the joints.
  • Fractures in the ribs or wrists.


3- Makarasana

Makarasana can also be included in the list of yoga asanas for slip discs. It has been given in scientific research that slipped disc, spinal cord and spinal nerves can be benefited by doing this yoga action. This can give some relief from the problem of slip discs.

Process of Yoga:

  • To do Makarasana, first of all, lie down on your stomach.
  • Now fold both hands and bring the palm in front of your forehead.
  • During this, there should be a distance of about one foot between both feet.
  • After this leave your body completely loose.
  • Stay in this posture for about 15 minutes and take deep and long breaths.


  • Avoid doing this yoga if there is a problem with your hands and wrists.
  • If you have had stomach surgery, then do not do this yoga.


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4- Shavasana

Shavasana can be beneficial for a person suffering from slip disc. Back pain can be reduced by doing this yoga. Also, regular practice can improve the condition of slip discs.

Process of Yoga:

  • To do Shavasana, lay a yoga mat and lie on your back and close your eyes.
  • At this time, keep both the hands slightly away from the body and the palms should face upwards. Also, keep a distance of one to two feet between both feet.
  • Now keep breathing slowly and while calming the mind, focus on the breath.
  • Then try to stay in this posture for about 10 minutes.
  • After this, rub both the hands together and then place them on the eyes.
  • Now slowly open your eyes.


  • Persons suffering from back and spinal problems should do this asana only under expert advice and supervision.
  • Do not do this yoga during pregnancy.


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