Can Money buy happiness?

In this busy life, We are moving rapidly to accomplish something better for ourselves. Everyone is running. Someone is running for just food while someone is running for fame. But the main purpose of all of us is that we should become happy. Everyone is searching for prosperity and happiness. The question here is “Can money buy happiness?”
Let’s have some talk about this crucial matter in just terms of money in this article. In Sha Allah, I will share my point of view on other causes and ways of happiness. As everyone is looking for happiness so happiness should be a significant thing. Most people think that money does not buy happiness, and it is considered true also because After having your basic material needs met, additional money does not have any impact on your levels of happiness.
But can our basic material needs will fulfil without money.

Can money buy happiness?

I have to share my point of view on this. Someone may disagree with my opinion, it is just his choice. My point is we need money to perform most of our responsibilities. In this modern-day, where prices of everything are heightening day by day, we want money to fulfil our basic needs of life. It is true whether you like it or not that money has a role in happiness. We require money to get good schooling, to get food, to get a shelter, to get medication, to travel, to entertain ourselves, and in the end, we need money to live.
I am not here saying that only money can make us happy but none of us can deny these facts that I composed.
Some people will say that if money brings happiness then why rich people are not happy with their life. My answer is because they are not satisfied with their life. They are misusing their money. If they want to live merrily, they have to get rid of their endless desires.
It is also another point that money is a primary factor of happiness just for the poor. Why the poor are not happy? Because he does not have money to get food for his family, he does not have money to get medicine for his ill child or aged parents, he does not have money to fulfil the minor desires of his wife and children, he doesn’t have money to go to parks and hotels and he does not have money to obtain happiness.

As Warren Buffet said;

In this current era, we can buy happiness with money for ourselves and others. If you have the money you can buy food for someone, you can get books for the needy children, you can make houses for the poor, you can help someone to get a smile on his face.
In the end, I request you that before making any opinion just think that money has a major role in happiness. So I wish you earn a lot and spend a bunch of your money on the poor and the underprivileged. I have here precisely elucidated about money and happiness. I know this is not all about happiness.

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