Rain is a blessing or a curse?

“Rain is a blessing or a curse”

The rainy season is considered a blessing all over the world. Rain gives life to the plants. Rain is a cause of happiness for all species. Insects and animals admired it. We humans also love it. It is a common question to ask “rain is a blessing or a curse?”

In the words of Christy Ann Martine:

“I’m the rain gently patting the roof-top
The drop sliding down your window
I gliding past the glow of ur lamp
Clinging to the sensation of ur finger-tips
As they press against the glass
Losing grip I slip away”

Rain is also assumed as a time of love and romance. Some said that the clouds are wanting someone.

“I imagine that the clouds miss you as much as I do and the rain pouring down are their tears”.

Overall the rainy days are cherished. It is regarded as a time of love, peace, and harmony. The sound of rain on the roof and the leaves are ambient. It is a kind of melody.

But is it a melody for all?

Is the rainy season alluring for all?

The answer is no. Rain has diverse impacts on people. The rain is a blessing for the rich. Rich people enjoyed it and that’s it. But what is its effect on the poor? This question is frightening. The poor like rain but the rain is not loyal to them. The outcomes of rain are dreadful for them. The heavy rain damages cottages of the poor. Sometimes it damages their crops and causes the illness of helpless children.

A curse for the poor?

Firstly, The middle class is also affected by it. Secondly, After heavy rainfall, the roof begins leaking. Thirdly, It causes damage to their houses. And there is a problem that the water stays on the ceiling and they had to do regular exercise to get rid of that water.

Also, Heavy rainfall causes several problems for mankind. It may cause flooding, damage to buildings, including risk to human life, and ravages crops and livestock.

In our country, every government and administration try to restrict people to enjoy the rain.
There is no gas and electricity on rainy days. Our Streets fill with water and there is no pathway for people to go out of their houses. Several days after the rain the streets remind the people about the blessings of rain with dirt and mud in them and overflowing water from the aqueducts.

At the end of my small article, I hope that our country will change and the poor will get equal rights to live. So. In the rainy season and after it tries to help others just like the sun came out after the rain. Its sunshine is for everyone.

“And when the sun comes out
After this rain Shall stop
A wondrous light will fill
Each dark, round drop;
I hope the sun shines bright;
It will be a lovely sight.

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