Do books really influence you

In every society, books play a significant role in the advancement of people. They are beloved by most folks. Books shape our character to live a promising life. They boost our intellect and give us a route to a reasonable life. No one can disavow the assistance of books in heightening any civilization and culture. From the old days, books benefit humanity. Do books really influence you?

As someone rightly said:

“Books are good Friends “

Now I would like to share the main message of my small article that what is the place of books in our society or our families. As the kid goes to school to educate himself, to get lessons of life. He only glued to his course books. Yes, there are libraries in the schools.

But no one teaches him to study different books that will shape his mind. So the habit of reading is vacated, and we also study course books to pass the examination, not for the sake of benefit. I have also never studied any other book ignoring the course books before this year. It is a fact that many of my companions also haven’t read other books. This is because no one has developed the habit of Reading in us.

Do books really influence you

As it is commonly said

“We must have to develope good habits as Bad habits are developed by themselves”

If anyone starts reading books that may be novels, biographies, or any historical tales, he should be condemned by many people specially his parents. They may strongly restrain him from reading books by saying that these books will give you nothing in life. Please focus on your course books etc, etc.

Everyone said to us to read the course books, The books that are written at the time of our teacher’s childhood. Some of our teachers had also read the same course books as us. This act is ruining our literature. A student doesn’t develop any love for books, So he never read any books throughout his life, he only wastes his life and time on social media.

Do books really influence you?

According to Lloyd Alexander :

“Keep reading. This is one of the most amazing adventures that anyone could have”.

At the end of my article, I request you to keep in touch with the books and help others to study. It is our responsibility to give books to our younger siblings, friends, and family members.

According to Syeda Arfa Zehra :

“Books bring feeling of love among the readers. Whenever books come in someone’s hand, a reader starts to think beyond himself and leave the grenades and guns”.

In the end, I would like to request the reader to love each other and read a book with passion and love because “Study without desires destroys the memory and it keeps nothing that it takes in”.

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