How many types of workout in gym

Why workouts and exercises are important?

Exercise helps to keep our bodies at a healthy weight. Exercise helps one to lose weight and lower the risk of various diseases. Exercising commonly decreases a person’s risk of developing numerous diseases, comprising obesity, type 2- diabetes, and high blood pressure. Here in this article, you will find How many types of workout in the gym.

How many types of workout in gym?

Shoulder workout; one of the types of workouts and exercises:

How many types of workout in gym? modernabiotech

There are many shoulder exercises and workouts. Some are:

Barbell overhead shoulder press:

For this, put your feet at shoulder-width, and stiffen your core as you hold a barbell at your shoulders, palms facing inward. Next, push the bar upward and embrace your shoulder blades together at the peak. Lower steadily and carefully.

Seated Dumbbell shoulder press:

For seated dumbbell shoulder press, you have to sit on a low-back bench and have to grip a dumbbell in each hand at the shoulder level and your palms must be facing inward. Keeping your head and spine seamlessly straight, lift the dumbbells overhead toward one another, stopping just short of having them touch at the top. Hold the position for some seconds and then sensibly reverse course. (How many types of workout in gym)

Chest workouts:

There are numerous chest workouts and exercises. Some are barbell bench press, flat bench dumbbell press, low incline barbell bench press, and many more.

How many types of workout in gym? modernabiotech

  • In the barbell bench press, you can generate the utmost power with barbell lifts, so the standard barbell bench lets you move the max weight
  • Flat dumbbell presses let you hoist a fairly dense weight.
  • The benefit of the low incline bench press is that we will be fresher and can lift more weight, which in turn puts a higher amount of stress on our upper pec fibers and also could lead to more progression.

Back workouts:

How many types of workout in gym? modernabiotech

Some of the back workouts for muscle building are:

• Barbell deadlift:

This is in principle more than a back exercise—it hits the whole posterior chain from your calves to your upper traps—but it’s the best for overall backside development.

• Single-arm dumbbell row:

This is a great unilateral workout—each side works independently—that lets you move a lot of weight.

Triceps workouts:

How many types of workout in gym? modernabiotech

Some of the triceps workouts and exercises are:

Close grip bench press:

This is one of the most suitable methods to overload the triceps and it also works our shoulders as well as the chest.


A bench dip is made with your palms resting on a bench behind you and your feet on the ground opposite of you. Then, you lower your hips towards the ground by bending your elbows and press back up to the initial position. It can also be done with a chair, making it one of the best triceps workouts you can do at home.

Biceps workouts:

How many types of workout in gym? modernabiotech

Here are some of the best biceps workouts:

• Standing dumbbell curl:

Nothing objects to your biceps more than the curl so it is one of the best bicep exercises.

• Incline dumbbell curl:

This exercise requires more effort; you will need to reduce the load.

Arm workouts:

How many types of workout in gym? modernabiotech

The Arm workout is one of the best types of workouts know. The best arm exercises and workouts are:

  • Barbell Bicep Curl:

It is one of the best workouts for developing muscle mass in the biceps; the use of the barbell allows both arms to work together, shifting more weight during every rep.

  • Cable Bicep Curl:

The Cable Bicep Curl is vital for increasing training volume in your arm workouts, often used towards the end of sessions with a higher recurrence focus.

  • Skull Crusher:

This triceps exercise is usually done with the barbell or EZ bar, letting both triceps work together, targeting all 3 heads of the triceps brachii. Before powerfully extending your arms, focus on the slow eccentric movement.

Lower ab workouts:

How many types of workout in gym? modernabiotech

The best exercises for lower ab are:

  • Mountain climber
  • Lying leg raise
  • Scissors
  • Dead bug
  • Reverse crunch
  • Bird dog crunch

So these are a few of the exercises and workouts.

Benefits of Workouts and exercises:

  • Firstly, Exercises help us to control our weight
  • Secondly, Reduces our risk of heart diseases
  • Thirdly, it also helps our body to maintain blood sugar and level of insulin
  • Fourthly, It helps us quit smoking
  • And finally, it improves your mental health and mood keeps your learning, thinking, and skills sharp.

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