Top 10 Rajput castes in Pakistan – Latest 2024

Rajputs were the families of India during the traditional period, that is -the 13th century. The term Rajput is customarily applied to the first Suryavanshi, Chandravanshi, and Agnivanshi families. The top 10 Rajput castes in Pakistan are: Bhatti, Punwar, Chauhan, Minhas, Tiwana, Noon, Ranghar, Khokhar, Ghakkar, Meo, Chib, Gheba, Jodhra, Janjua, Sial and Wattu, and so on

History of Rajput caste

Muslim Rajputs are those Rajputs who practice Islam. The 1931 evaluation of British India was the last to record standing alliance in a way that gives dependable data on Rajput socioeconomics. Any present-day gauges are in this manner speculative; they additionally differ broadly.

The 1931 enumeration detailed an aggregate of 10.7 million individuals self-depicting as Rajput. Of this population, about 8.6 million individuals likewise self-depicted as being Hindu, about 2.1 million as being Muslim, and around 50,000 as being Sikh by religion.

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Muslim success of South Asia At the hour of appearance of Islam, the north and west locale South Asia district was administered by Rajput groups. The Rajputs and Muslim armed forces took on numerous conflicts for the control of South Asia. Mahmud of Ghazni obliterated the force of Rajputs in western South Asia in 1010 CE. Muhammad Ghori in 1191 vanquished Delhi subsequent to overcoming the last guard of Rajputs and set up the Muslim domain by 1206AD.

Qutb-ud-in Aybak proclaimed himself the primary Sultan of Delhi.
Muslim Rajput families, for example, the Janjua helped the Mughal victory of India by partaking in the supreme armed forces. It should likewise be referenced here that Hindu Rajputs additionally participated in these successes as partners and even partook in marriage with the Mughals like the Kachwaha Rajput Clan (who gave Rani Jodha Bhai’s hand to Emperor Akbar), Raja Man Singh helped Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1568 against the Sesodias.

Top 10 Rajput castes in Pakistan

1- Bhatti

It is one of the top 10 Rajput castes in Pakistan. Bhati is a tribe of Rajputs, Gurjars, as well as of Jats mainly found in India and Pakistan. Some Gurjar Bhatis were migrant cow attendants. In the years going before the Indian insubordination of 1857, these gatherings lost land by choices made by the British East India Company

2- Punwar

The Muslim Rajput Panwar lives in India, Pakistan as well as in Nepal.

3- Chauhan:

Chauhan, Chouhan, Chohan, or Chohhan, is a family name of the Rajput position from North India. As one of the top 10 Rajput castes in Pakistan, Chauhans were truly an amazing gathering in the locale currently known as Rajasthan. For around a long time from the seventh century CE their solidarity in Sambhar was a danger to the force base of the Guhilots in the south-west of the space, as additionally was the strength of their kindred Agnivanshi clans. They endured a put-off in 1192 when their chief, Prithviraj Chauhan, was crushed at the Second Battle of Tarain yet this didn’t mean their demise. The realm broke into the Satyapura and Devda branches after the attack of Qutbu l-Din Aibak in 1197

4- Minhas

The Minhas or Manhas is a Rajput family found in the Jammu area, Punjab, and Azad Kashmir. It is found in Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh people groups.

5- Tiwana

The Tiwana group of Shahpur is an old Muslim Rajput family asserting normal drop with the Sials of Jhang and the Ghebas of Pindigheb. They are one of the biggest landowning families in Punjab and have assumed a powerful part in Punjabi governmental issues since the seventeenth century. The Tiwana is a Punjabi Jatt and Rajput tribe from the Punjab area of India and Pakistan. The Tiwanas in Indian Punjab is generally Sikhs, while the Tiwanas of Pakistani Punjab are practically all Muslims.

6- Noon

The Noon is a clan of Jat and Rajput status, found basically in Shujabad Tehsil of Multan District. As per one of their practices, they are slipped Noon, a Bhatti Rajput, who said to have left Delhi.
The Noon faction lives generally in the Sargodha region and Multan locale of Punjab. The Noon group relocated from Dehli and got comfortable with the Bhalwal and the Shujabad regions. The extraordinary legate of the Noon cast was Rana Fateh Mohammad who with his family came from District Shahpur (Sargodha) and got comfortable Mouzas Sangu and Chori Noon Tehsil Shorkot District Jhang. After a settlement of 50 years here, they populated in Khanqah Shah Hussain close to Shatabgarh in Tehsil Mailsi. During this settlement, Rana Fateh Mohammad accompanied his family to Noqabilwah of Kahror Pacca which was known as chak Bangar Shirqi and for all time settled here

7- Khokhar

The Khokhar Khanzada are a Muslim Rajput people group found essentially in the Fatehpur region of Uttar Pradesh in India. The Khokhar claims descendent from Malik Babur, who said to have come from Kapurthala in Punjab.

8. Sial

The Sial Rajput individuals have been steers, herders, in Pakistan’s Punjab Province for quite a while. Nobody knows when they moved to Punjab. The Sial clan (likewise composed as Siyal, Syal, Sayal, Seyal) is a clan of Khatri in the Punjab locale of the Indian subcontinent. They are found in the two Indian and Pakistan regions among Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs.

9- Wattu

Wattu, are one of the fundamental Rajput clans of the Sutlej valley, who are firmly associated with the Bhatti. Their noteworthy country was the area of Bhattiana. It is the locale that presently shapes portions of Hissar, Sirsa, Fazilka, and Ferozpur regions of Punjab and Haryana, and Churu and Ganganagar regions of Rajasthan. They were semi-traveling cows raising pastoralists, to a great extent free until the appearance of the British. After the parcel of Punjab in 1947, the Wattu of Hisar, Sirsa, Fazilka, and Ferozepur moved to Pakistan.

10- Chib

Chib is a clan of Chandravanshi Rajput Dogra found in the northern parts of India and in Pakistan. It is also a Hindu Jat caste of Jammu & Kashmir. The majority of the population of Chib Rajput are Muslims while some of the remaining are Hindus and a very few are Sikhs.

Why Rajputs are famous?

Rajputs are famous for several reasons:

  1. Rich History and Heritage: Rajputs have a long and storied history in India, dating back centuries. They are known for their valor, chivalry, and contributions to Indian culture and heritage.
  2. Warrior Tradition: Rajputs have a rich tradition of being warriors and defenders of their kingdoms. They have a reputation for bravery and honor, and their martial skills are well-regarded.
  3. Chivalry and Code of Conduct: The Rajputs follow a strict code of conduct known as “Rajputana,” which emphasizes values like valor, loyalty, and integrity. This code has contributed to their legendary reputation.
  4. Royal Lineages: Many Rajput families have royal lineages, and they played a significant role in the ruling dynasties of various regions in India. This adds to their prestige and fame.
  5. Contributions to Art and Culture: Rajputs have made substantial contributions to Indian art, culture, and architecture. The stunning palaces, forts, and temples built by Rajput rulers are iconic and draw tourists from around the world.
  6. Influence in Bollywood: Rajputs have been portrayed in numerous Bollywood films, often depicted as brave and romantic figures. This has further cemented their fame in popular culture.
  7. Traditional Dress and Cuisine: The distinctive Rajput attire, including turbans and colorful clothing, is iconic. Rajasthani cuisine, with its unique flavors and dishes, is also well-known and loved.
  8. Tourist Attractions: Rajasthan, where many Rajputs are based, is a major tourist destination. The state’s rich history and architectural wonders, including Jaipur’s palaces and Udaipur’s lakes, attract visitors globally.
  9. Resilience and Identity: Despite the changes in modern India, Rajputs have maintained their identity and traditions, which continue to be celebrated and admired.
  10. Legends and Folklore: Rajputs are associated with numerous legends and folklore that have been passed down through generations, adding to their mystique and fame.

In summary, the fame of the Rajputs is a result of their rich history, warrior tradition, cultural contributions, and the enduring impact they have had on India’s heritage and identity.

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